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January 26, 2017

1 am musings.

Hiya box of prose. Things are going okay. I started classes back up, I am not liking adobe illustrator, I was making a heart and my wrist was starting to hurt, I think thats going to happen a lo...

July 25, 2016

I am nuts.

Hello once again Prosebutt. I applied, and tomorrow ill be going down to register for classes.. again.. for digital video and photography, got FASFA information sent. (I hope i did that right) I ...

Hello interbutts. I’m in a gigantic rut. I’ve been in a major funk since I came back from Origins to be honest. And i’ve been pondering this for a while, and it seems like a defeat but I’m going ...

June 24, 2016

So guess why I'm here.

Hi again. Long time I know. I went to origins, which is a gaming convention, had a lot of fun. But thats why i’m not here, guess why? I’ll give you one hint, and it refers to whom I like to now c...

April 07, 2016

The no good bad week.

I wanted to vent something. As everyone knows via Facebook, on Monday, My moms one kitty Tinkerbell Died, She was 16. She lived a good life. She died peacefully. Well.. Today.. another of my mo...

Book Description

After i decided to end my three a week updates on my boring life, i am going to continue to write, but I figured it would be better to continue on with a new book. I don’t know how often it will be updated. Maybe once or twice a month?