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September 09, 2014

What the Diddley.

Ah, the Diddleys. Sims4 softens a lot of features, so I did the best I could to get adult Xanatos and adult Xena looking like what I expect them to look like. As well, I wonder if I m...

September 07, 2014

Meet the Fachs.

Say hello to the Fachs. Mama Fachs, Dominating Dan Fachs, and Goldie Fachs. They’re loosely based on Elissa’s family, and holy hell they already act like themselves. This is pretty much ...

September 06, 2014

A slow start.

Preloaded houses may be nice, but I prefer making my own. I’ll figure out what I’m missing later. Couldn’t figure out how to make him study off the bookshelf, as per Sims2 default strateg...

September 06, 2014

Nigel Berry.

Say hello to Nigel Berry. I tried taking screenshots using the game, but could not find it locally on my hard drive. If I have to use the old print screen button, so be it, but it was a lot eas...

September 06, 2014

It has arrived.

And decided it’s time to play The Sims again. Let the hilarity begin.

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