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  • Jan. 28, 2020, 12:13 p.m.
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(jan 27th 2012)

Let us kill ourselves, dying every day we slave away. Let us pay our captors, and praise the very people who bind us to the facade that exists as us, covering the vision, distancing the understanding and companionship of our true selves. Yet let none of us care. We don’t mind that our souls are penniless, while we fill our pockets with paper money. Our minds are distracted by the clock. Our worries and fears, anger, resentment … projected both on the past and the present. Let us forget that we exist only.. right now.
Let us forget that our motives have become perverted, and instead let us live our entire lives, even life after life, toward material acquisition, feeding our ignorant greed. Obtaining titles, procuring admiration in the form of followers and likes upon pages that portray only the portion of ourselves that we want the world to see.

Let us kiss the chains that bind us, and let us laugh in the face of those who desire freedom, for they are fools in our eyes, because we think we are free.
Yet.. who is more foolish than the fool who couldn’t see the reflection in the mirror. For he was only calling those who sought freedom fools, because he did not want to accept that he himself was not free. That would be to much of a burden of truth to bare, and falsity has long since been a way of life for him, and in it, he finds comfort. But it is a comfort that does not give solace. And like the dragon eating it’s own tail, he continually searches for happiness in voids that are only filled with facades, hallucinations of consolidation, comfort, and creed.

Are we slaves without realizing it? Have you ever questioned authority? Who gives them authority over you, but your government? And who gives your government the right to govern you, but you yourself. Perhaps your vote only matters because it perpetuates a cycle of enslavement of yourself, your children, and your children’s children, and that is exactly what your leaders want? A feeling of hopelessness that has long since swept the entire world, has lulled most everyone to sleep, to perpetual servitude, without questioning. A commercial came on earlier that was attempting to gallantly explain why we work. It claims we work for community. For each other. “For the greater good” essentially, but in truth.. ask yourself that question on both the simplest and deepest level.. Why do we work? We work because we have to. Why do we have to? Because we need money to survive.. To put food in our mouths, and clothes on our backs, and some of us can afford other luxuries. We don’t work because we want to.. but because we have to. Some of us are lucky enough to enjoy our jobs, while others only do so to pay off the school loans it took to “give them the education” required to obtain the job title they end up fulfilling.
Yet in a perfect world, I would see no reason why we wouldn’t fulfill our desired rolls in society, to contribute to the greater good, if it was actually doing just that.. contributing to the greater good! But our work is only a way for us to obtain “money” that we use to survive, which actually only feeds into the global corporations, the gas companies, food chains, water companies.. and we pay rent or mortgages on property we can never truly own, because it can be taken away from us at any time by the IRS, or our government. Asset forfeiture. Failure to pay loans on fiat money. Let us not forget that our work pays the government debt created by the loans taken from the central, private banks that are much closer to the true rulers of our country than our own President, which mind you, is not chosen “By the people” and a quick look at the bloodlines, and relations of all of the presidents, and a little history lesson leaves you standing face to face with the truth, .. that your precious country is not a country at all, but a corporation.. A land owned by another. You think we won our freedom? No. And it wasn’t given to us either.. but it doesn’t take a fool to realize that.. in order to truly enslave a people.. you must convince them first, that they are free.. You must step back, and let them prosper for many years.. And just like the frog sitting pleasantly in a pot of water that he’s convinced is a peaceful pond, will burn to death before he realizes the heat has been slowly turned up for decades.
Yet, no one cares, no one notices. I suppose in that analogy of the frog, they forgot to mention that the frog would receive distractions.. (as a pot of water simply isn’t entertaining enough to keep us as sitting ducks).. but .. that frog would get television, music, facebook, cell phones, ipods, ipads and of course, let us not forget the most obvious.. Jobs. Jobs to keep them distracted. And how perfect is it that not only has the frog become distracted, but it is also giving away much of it’s paycheck to the very entities which have their fingers on the knob, as the heat slowly rises.

Perhaps the point of life is none other than to learn how to step outside of the perpetual cycle.

And why people don’t want to believe the truth when it is presented to them, .. well it baffles me, while at the same time.. frustrating me beyond belief.. and it makes it so hard to attempt to even tell the truth. There isn’t a world in which I could logically believe this all to be coincidence.. and i could pose the question.. have all of these theories of conspiracy been orchestrated to lead in the wrong direction? Who would take the time for such a small portion of people? Not that I don’t believe there are lies that have been distributed throughout time in an attempt to lead those who seek the truth, down the wrong path, I’m certain there has been many, but I certainly don’t believe that the great picture the truth tends to paint, is nothing but a lie itself. I think certain lies are meant to lead those who follow them, to dead ends.. But one thing we must accept is that.. the truth isn’t always going to be what seems most “real” to us. And in deed the truth may be the most ridiculous, unbelievable, hard to grasp piece of information we will ever come across, and it is that very irony which makes some of us turn to question.. what if that.. is the actual truth?

God damnit people, question the three dimensional world you live in, … stop trusting what your ears hear.. stop believing what your mind is told to believe.. from cradle to the grave.. Your senses are belittled in comparison to what you really are, yet you cling to them, and trust them as the truth bearers of all there is to know, when there is so much more to be known.. And why are none of you compelled to taste, hear, smell, feel, and touch what is truth.. Illusion is far to satisfying.. and in fractals.. I see it happening to us all again.. When technology can fulfill our senses.. we’ll be plugged in instead, and so close are are becoming.. Our social needs are fulfilled by a computer screen and a keyboard.. It won’t be long before it can fulfill much more.. and perhaps some of you might envision that as some sort of heaven, but.. I see that as a digital sort of hell, or purgatory, but we all choose our own destinies in the end, don’t we.

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