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  • Jan. 20, 2020, 5:16 p.m.
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So far my day has been good, besides a horrific nightmare/sleep paralysis experience this morning.

It shook me to the core as I couldn’t move stalk for a few minutes, I barely slept for like two before it happened. I thought the entirety of it was a nightmare, but it wasn’t. The entire room was shaking in my mind and I could voices. I fought to be able to move, nearly choking on air in the process.

Scary as hell honestly, but I managed to calm down sometime later and sleep in late. My day’s been pretty good and so was yesterday. I’ve felt so happy and relieved, yea there’s been some hiccups but besides that it’s been good.

Emi dmed me and the poor bean has the flu! I wish I could mail some soup in a tubaware container with saltines and ginger ale – actual GINGER ale – so he feels better. Definitely some Theraflu in the care package to.

That’d be a good idea honestly to do for my support group. Sadly, I can’t do that eep. Oh well.

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