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7 days ago

Coronavirus update

So my school closed for a few weeks a week ago and some change due to the virus. I’ve been home, lounging around leaving to only go to the store and such. I’ve been bored as heck honestly. Watch...

March 18, 2020

Mαrcн 18тн, 2020

Calin is such strange boy. A strange boy, I have. I cant help but wonder what had happened if instead of the others, i found Calin instead. What would have happened if i had been asked out by him...

March 13, 2020

Cutting off dead skin

I feel hurt. I love kayden but I’m a burden to him. My mind is making it clear. I’ve had nightmares regarding our friendship and how much I’ve tainted it. I need to be a good person and leave him...

March 03, 2020


Can’t think of any title. SATs tommorow. Nervous as always. Menstrual cycle started. Didn’t puke this time. Just had to pee. I’m in bed, thinking of Linka. He’s an amazing boyfriend. Amazing per...

March 01, 2020

Catch up

What’s been happening 1) another creep using me and attempting to manipulate me in a weak state. 2) incoming SATs this wendsday. 3) set up my senior classes, taking four classes and only three ma...

February 28, 2020


Adding on to the previous entry, I think Kayden’s annoyed with me. So is Wolfie. And Fairy. Everyone is annoyed with me…even Linka :(

February 28, 2020


I think I’m pushing Kayden away

February 27, 2020



February 24, 2020


Fairyfriend is so perfect, Linky must have told her so much about his life. Lily is perfect to, Kayden tell me all the time. Joy’s just as perfect as the both of them… I feel so jealous....why ca...

February 22, 2020


I feel sicker than when I had the flu… probably from crying so much… God…I just want to lay down and hife

February 22, 2020

Another bad day

Another bad day and it’s barely even started…barely slept…spent a lot of the time coughing or crying my eyes out.....

February 21, 2020


boyfriend doesn’t get it about my mom I won’t mention it anymore

February 21, 2020


I feel like I’m all alone in the cold

February 20, 2020

Bad day

I need to write, I feel like I might pass out. I’m very tired mentally and physically, I feel emotionally drained. I just want to do my boyfriend right....but I’m not and I feel like I’m losing h...

February 20, 2020


I think I need to sleep more, my hallucinations are coming back in the tenfold. I just had one about my keyboard on my phone and I restarted it in a panic. I’m paraniod about my bf, I’m scared he...

February 18, 2020


I’m writing this because I feel like it’s time. This diary I want my daughter to read when I’m old enough to have one and maybe she’ll understand why her mother is understandable. I had a thirty ...

February 17, 2020


I don’t know if I trust my mom anymore or if I ever did. Sure, I get along with her but I don’t really trust her now. She acts as if I’m always mad or this bad, rude person. I’m not. This is why ...

February 14, 2020

Lost friends

Since they diary I’ve made many friends. And I’ve lost many of them. I started to wonder if I’m the problem and reason why but I can’t find anyway to prove that. If so it must be my personality, ...

February 12, 2020


I’m so angry I don’t know know why I’m just so so angry. I’m crying I’m so angry. I want to just scribble on paper until I can’t stop. I feel my insides boiling and I just want to kick and scream...

February 11, 2020

I was never meant

Emi left. And I tried to DM him today only to remember her left. John doesn’t want to do anything anymore and since that’s the only way we talked we’re never talking anymore I guess. Lili’s alter...

February 11, 2020

I was never meant

I was never meant to be a good person. I was never meant to be happy. I get that now. I’m tired of trying and then all my work is thrown in my face. I don’t recognize myself anymore. I feel more ...

February 11, 2020


There’s bad people in the world and today kinda proved to me how bad you try, you will be seen as a bad person. It will make you rot and went to tear yourself apart from the inside, you’ll want t...

February 11, 2020

Little Mermaid

Wolfie was nice today, he sent me some nice messages. I regret my crush I had on him so much, I only told him to help not make our friendship uncomfortable. He’s twenty three and I’d never date a...

February 09, 2020

February ninth

So. Yeah life’s been sicky. I’ve been trying to talk to John, Lili or Kayden about stuff. But I pretty much gave up. I just. Gave up for a good reason, just trust me on this. Something happened y...

February 08, 2020


Guess who has the flu! Anyway, today I ate lots of food. Because I’m excited because I learned my weight at the doctor’s Thursday. They where checking my measurements and turns out I’m actually ...

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