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  • Jan. 14, 2020, 10:13 a.m.
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So, Krystal and I had a date this morning. She gets off of her night shift job at 6:30 but just when I was thinking I’d do my tarot thing she messaged and said they got off early. So I pulled the card, read, typed it out and left.

Spent from 6am to about 9:30 talking to Krystal at iHop over breakfast.... lol I guess I was really backed up cause I didn’t even tell her about the book making me angry.... I did go over plans for the D&D game and she seemed to think it was great :). I’m still excited and though I looked up names last night I didn’t get very far because now I feel like I need more.... I don’t … like How many people live int his city.... no one cares. Maybe if we flesh out a long term game but currently I don’t even know if this will be any good. So, I’m just gonna go with the gist and wing it.

Krystal’s good, everything is good .... and Rocky was awake and in the bathroom when I got home (and hasn’t come out yet). So at least there is promise of getting the day started before noon (10 already!)

I plan on groceries and sorting some pallet stuff for auction. I can’t see getting another pallet till I get some of the stuff that’s in there out so I’ll do that after groceries. Then hopefully we will go get a pallet during the day tomorrow (not bringing things in though because of game) and I’ll start sorting Thursday? or Monday....

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