In Spanx We Trust in These Foolish Things

  • Jan. 4, 2020, 6:34 a.m.
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Public Service Announcement: is having a winter sale and all of the items on sale are now reduced 30% more! I just stocked up on all things Spanx-y! Including these faux leather croc leggings and this faux leather pencil skirt!

I also bought a shaping bodysuit for under skinny dresses as well as some deconstructed tights. Not sure what I’ll wear the tights with (maybe under the faux leather skirt?), but my plan is to dress like I mean it at all times this year!

The last couple months of celebrating like I meant it have resulted in my clothes fitting tighter again. This really bums me out but I can’t say that I’m surprised since I knew what I was doing when I was having dessert every night on the Grand Birthday Adventure in October and drinking like a college girl during the pre-Thanksgiving Girls’ Trip in November. Then, Thanksgiving. Then, Christmas. Then, New Year’s Eve.

Gonna need that Spanx control. Not saying it’s going to be a crutch, but I’m going to be thankful for the sucking and tucking and the de-jiggling.

Speaking of which, New Year’s Eve turned out to be fun, but ended on a weird note. Long story, but after we couldn’t get together before, I ended up asking Hotel Designer (HD from my last RAD entry) if he was doing anything for the New Year and we made a plan to go to a bar that has a really nice view of the city skyline so we could watch fireworks. I Spanx-ed up and was happy to fit into one of my tiny little black numbers. I was actually afraid I couldn’t, but I could!! Whee!

Neither one of us wanted to get there early so I brought a bottle of champagne to his place (he’s temporarily living in an attic apartment above the hotel developer’s house), drank some champers and by the time we got to the event, it was all sold out.

I didn’t have a Plan B, but HD was Johnny On the Spot, suggesting a nearby hotel that has a lobby bar that I love. It’s usually classy and quiet and lovely. Not New Year’s Eve, however. It was out of control loud with a DJ and already-drunk folks. We tried to get out of the noise and the hubbub and ended up simply walking in to the fancy Japanese restaurant just outside of the lobby! It was shocking that we got in with no reservations, but there we were…super happy!

We had tons of fun people watching, flirting a bit, taking selfies and other photos (the dining room was just gorgeous) and playing “Let’s Figure Out the People Around Us”…you know, when you make up stories about people based on their actions and the looks on their faces…all fun and games, right?

…until I made a comment about some ladies of the night (at least they looked like it), and HD became completely offended that I called them “hookers”. You would have thought that I insulted his own daughter or something!

I wasn’t trying to be MEAN. I was just trying to play along!

And then we decided to call it a night. It was about 1:45 anyway - I was so ready! I insisted that we split the check and then HD told me he’d get an Uber for the both of us and that he’d drop me off first. Fine.

But once in the car, the driver told us that he couldn’t drop me first because of the way that HD had plugged the addresses into the phone. I said, “but I only live right around the corner!”

And HD shushed me firmly and said curtly, “NO COMPLAINING!”

It surprised me so I clammed up. Finally HD told me to tell the driver where I live so I did and when we got to my place he got out to let me out of the car. I thanked him for a really nice evening and that was that.

See? Weird ending, right?

Later after I was tucked into bed, I sent a text telling HD that I had a wonderful evening with no complaints and thanked him again for sharing that special evening with me. He wrote back telling me that he felt the same, but I have yet to hear from him again and don’t know if I will.

But oh well.

I suppose a lot of that has to do with my horoscope telling me to watch what comes out of my mouth? I never, ever meant to offend. I was just trying to play along.

I just hope I haven’t burned that bridge. I know that HD is a very, VERY good person to know.

I have another New Year’s Eve story to tell, but it may be another entry…

Meanwhile, I’m heading into the busiest time of the year for work. Actually, not heading… I’m behind now that we’re IN the busiest time of the year! I’m prepping for our big trade show that actually happens NEXT MONTH, and I don’t even have much to show for it, save for some sample product that’s WRONG and needs to be fixed before I can show it to our sales team.

UGH. I can feel my blood pressure rising right now. So much to do! I’m grateful that my brain is back to full-ish capacity and that I’m not plagued by fatigue as I was last spring and summer. I can’t even really remember what that felt like except it was like no other feeling I’ve ever had.

Yes, I’m grateful for all the things I’m back to. I’m grateful that I can make it to the end of the workday. I’m grateful that I’m still gainfully employed. So very grateful.

I’m also grateful that it’s Friday and tonight will be the beginning of another two days off before getting buried in the weeds on Monday…

2020, here we goooooo!

In Spanx We Trust,

Last updated January 04, 2020

bobbi01 January 04, 2020

He sounds a bit snappy, and I don't think you should have to filter yourself. Yay for Spanx!

Complicated Disaster January 04, 2020

Dude I can't believe you need spanx. You're so H O T. Glad you had a fun, if slightly weird NYE! Xx

Ginger Snap Complicated Disaster ⋅ January 04, 2020

Haha! You're way too kind, thank you! I just love the confidence that Spanx delivers because you really do feel tight when you wear them!

Yes, it was fun and yes it was kind of weird!

pandora January 04, 2020

I wonder why he reacted like that; there must be more to it. But I think he should've lightened up a tiny bit or explained why he was offended. I mean, if he's a feminist, I'm all for it, personally.

What exactly do you do? It sounds so interesting but I don't fully grasp it.

Ginger Snap pandora ⋅ January 07, 2020

I agree that he maybe should have explained it better...or at all!

I design and develop pet products - currently I am working on a line of products for a HUGE brand. I work with their corporate folks in a licensing capacity, meaning, I create products that fit their lifestyle brand and work between the large company, a smaller licensing company, many factories and a sales team to bring this product to market. I'm sure that's clear as mud, right?

pandora Ginger Snap ⋅ January 07, 2020

So cool! So everything from pet beds to sweaters to bowls, etc? That sounds fun!

plushcreep January 05, 2020

I don't have the slightest idea why "hookers" would set him off. Let's call a spade a spade, right? Weird reaction, and you certainly didn't have to apologize for playing a game!

Jinn January 07, 2020

That does not sound like much of a gentleman to me. Especially the splitting the check part :-( and the ride home . I would not want to see him again.

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