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  • Dec. 30, 2019, 7:50 a.m.
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Okay, so I’ve realized I must plan out my matchmaking adventure. I need the three of them in a healthy mindset, good economic place and ofcourse still interested in one another.

I’ve decided I need to talk to them more and try to keep them all in a good mood. They are all good friends, but this is mental health we’re talking about. Aka low self esteem that threatens to sabotage everything. I’ve seen it already almost happen once and I cannot let it happen again.

So here’s the plan:

0| Get Lili in a healthy mindset that she can stay anchored and maybe even have Celtic/Ate become her anchors.
1| Get Lili & Ate to finally admit they’re a couple for heaven’s sake.
2| Tying into number one, get Lili & Ate comfortable enough with each other to open up more.
3| Get Celtic to admit that she’s interested in them both.
4| Tying into number four, find a way for them all to confess in the same group chat so no misunderstandings happen.
5| Monitor everything from afar for avoid complications.
6| Basically number five, but also make sure no one interferes meaning keep anyone who isn’t the three of them from confessing to one of them.

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*_* December 30, 2019

good luck

HoniBunnyCakey *_* ⋅ December 30, 2019


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