Happy Dream in ❅journal 2019❅

  • Dec. 25, 2019, 6:44 a.m.
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So I had two dreams last night that made me feel super happy and other things.

First one, was just me and Emi. He was hugging me close to the point I could hide my face in his chest. I was in a new dress, a few weeks ago he texted me he’d get me a new dress if I wanted it. It was so nice to hear that I guess I’m dreaming about it now.

He was hugging me and then he whispered in my ear one of the things he told me that night about the whole thing I said before. He was talking about how I die, he dies. I was terrified when he told me that irl but dream me seemed okay with it? I woke up feeling very “what the hell um okay”

The next dream it was with daddy to. I was in a house that I guess was ours. I was in a really soft and pink room that made me feel safe. I was still in the dress, in the dream I remember getting it faintly and hugging them both really tight as I got the gifts. Then I woke up a hour and some time ago.

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