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  • Dec. 16, 2019, 1:27 p.m.
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Okay, so Doctor D wasn’t the only thing that occupied my time over the weekend. I did other stuff too, you know. But honestly, not really a whole lot to write home about - especially yesterday when I was mopey.

But I was able to get myself up and out of the apartment, even if on Friday it was only next door…ha! Saturday was errands, brunch club and then a party and Sunday was a lovely, lovely day weather-wise so it was a LOT of walking and thinking and something of a recovery day.

The guys next door (Shitty Kitty’s dads) had a birthday party on Friday night that was a “come and go” affair since it’s “that time of year” and there are so many holiday parties going on. It was nice, and I enjoyed meeting a bunch of really wonderful guys (there were a few girls there, but literally none of them talked to me), I just wasn’t feeling it. Maybe that’s why the girls didn’t talk.

And man, Shitty Kitty was present in all his fluffy Persian glory, but the odor from litter dust was highly present even though the guys did the best they could with the cleaning. Remember, Shitty Kitty had the ass-disaster all up in his beautiful, fluffy white booty fur when I cat-sat for the guys while they were on vacation.

Anyway, that’s one thing about these guys - their apartment is a designer’s dream from an aesthetics standpoint, but underneath all the glitz and glam is a layer of filth the likes of which is um…impressive? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the most spotless person in the world and my apartment can get downright tornado-level disorganized, but add a shitty kitty to the mix and it’s quite offensive. I’m surprised that nobody else seemed to notice.

I was probably there for 30 minutes before I felt the calling of my bed. It was lovely.

Saturday slept in a little bit (aaahh, luxurious!) and then I needed to pick up some boots at the repair shop. Nothing like spending 100 bucks to get some old boots back - but they look like new. Let’s see if I ever wear them again. I will. They’re cute - they are ones that EXMS bought me for my birthday, oh…thirteen years ago? I suppose, then, that I’ve gotten good wear out of them as they were $600 boots (now $700 boots!), but they remind me of him and that Christmas when we went to Germany and had to hang out with his ex and her family (because of his kids). The stuff I went through for that guy

Brunch club is always a highlight of every month. With 2020 coming up, I think we’re on four years of brunching now? Yep. Just looked it up. We started our brunch club at the beginning of 2016. Amazing. It’s one of the things I look forward to every single month.

And then home to walk the dog and then prep for Jack’s Christmas party. He’s the host with the most and I was honored to get an invite from him, though I wasn’t sure what to expect. I can’t remember if I told you about my friend Jack who suffered a stroke on Thanksgiving Day two years ago. We’ve been friends for about 15 years now, but feel exceptionally close now that I had my near-stroke experience. Anyway, he invited me to his party and I was happy to go…

In the early afternoon, I got a text from Maria telling me that her daughter’s BIG annual holiday party was that night and that she’d not been feeling well over the past couple of weeks and didn’t send out any invitations, but that I should come by if I didn’t have any other plans. Now. THIS party just happens to be THE party of the year. It takes place at their giant house in the super fancy-pants part of town and they go all-out with several different bars with signature cocktails, DJs, dance floor, photo studio…and the spread…tons and tons and tons of food. And it’s attended by all of the city’s young professionals (I’d say early-30s through early 40s - they are Maria’s daughter’s and SIL’s business colleagues, etc. Her SIL is a partner at a law firm and daughter is a wealth manager and doing very, very well).

Long story, but I am invited to this party every year, and I’ve gone every year for the past seven or eight years. I had a feeling that the party was going to be on Saturday because Maria told me that she couldn’t go to brunch and didn’t give me a reason. She always goes to brunch. So when she sent me that text, I wanted to go, but also had made the commitment to go to Jack’s party. But I was also kind of glad that I had other plans because…WTF?

I know I shouldn’t assume that I’m getting an invitation to the “party of the year’ but I do because I’ve always gotten an invite. So I felt a bit of a twinge and was left wondering. I also wonder if it’s because last year the Big Wild Rancher hit on me. And because the Big Wild Rancher and I caused drama at the private birthday party she’d planned back in September.

I suppose a last-minute text invitation is better than no invitation? But I feel like she did that because she knew I’d see the photos on social?

Regardless, I didn’t go and I ended up having a brilliant time at Jack’s house party. I saw that one of my neighbors was invited as well, so we took a Lyft together. It was lovely and hip and we drank, ate and danced and I met some wonderful new people…

And then got that text from Doc D which threw me a bit, but I didn’t let it ruin my night.

It wasn’t a super late night, but I got home and fell into bed and didn’t get up until nearly 10am Sunday morning! I never, EVER loll in bed like that, but I just needed it, I suppose. A lot of that time I spent watching SNL and I also wrote the “advice wanted” entry here on PB, but then I finally got up and decided to walk it all off with the dog.

We started our walk around 11am - it was a stunningly beautiful, spring-like day - and I didn’t stop until we ended up at a little cafe a few blocks from home. When I looked at my fitbit it told me we’d walked 10 miles! Well, I did. I carried Martini for a couple of those miles, but WOW! We did great!

And during that time I was reading comments from you PBers and thinking a lot - not just about Dr. D but about life and WTF I’m doing (or not doing) to create this kind of life.

There’s more…there’s so much more to it than what I’m doing right now. I want to make a different life for myself. I need to be doing things differently.

OK. I gotta run. Lunch break is over and I have tons and tons of work to do.

Until next entry,

Complicated Disaster December 16, 2019

Sounds like a good weekend all round! xx

Gangleri December 16, 2019

Maybe they assume that you will show up for the party, and then they forgot. ;)

Jinn December 17, 2019

Self reflection is good for all of us sometimes . :-)

Marg December 18, 2019

I would be pissed too if I got a last minute text like that!
What kind of dirt are we talking in Shitty Kitty’s place?? Actual shit? Or just layers of general lived-in grime?

Jafael December 18, 2019

I’d love to hear what you are wanting to be different. My thoughts are on such things as this year winds down, too.

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