dec 5 in idea barrages

  • Dec. 3, 2019, 8:43 p.m.
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  1. You’re lucky I don’t know diddly about The Dragonballz else I’d be doing a parody of the entire musical EVITA about Vegeta.

  2. A robot band should count off their rhythm in binary.

  3. Sometimes I think about pop music as better music that has been put through a “mediocre white guy” instagram filter. Aren’t the Eagles just Fleetwood Mac ruined by application of that filter? Isn’t John Mellancamp just Bob Dylan run through that filter 15 times over?

  4. What kind of guitar did the vampire on ADVENTURE TIME play? Please tell me it was a Vladocaster.

  5. At this point, we’re so inundated with prequels because of the cowardice of entertainment executives, I’m surprised we haven’t gotten the grim origin story of Mambo No. 5, “Mambo No. 4”.

  6. A parody of “Away In A Manger” about entitled white folks called “I’ll Speak To Your Manager”?

  7. A community is like yogurt, not nearly as good for you if it doesn’t contain an active culture.

  8. A protest vote is your way of saying “since I’m not going to get my way exactly, I don’t care if things get a whole lot worse”.

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Squidobarnez December 04, 2019

thees are awesome.


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