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  • Nov. 27, 2019, 7:45 a.m.
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So I make subliminal videos ^°^

This is something I’ve been doing since late-mid august and just never stopped. It’s fun to make them, though other people who do are like jerks and annoying. They act so childish behind closed doors and so entitled or crazy or just uneducated. It’s so wierd bleh. I just like helping people.

I’m running a project with my friend Vinny (waaahhh my bro!) who I met right when my depression became in my mind actual depression and i started to really find myself and isolate myself from real life. With him, a dude named Ferret who literally has a computer from the gods and a actual staff member of the biggest subliminal community platform which was ahhh mazing. Basically we’re uploading subliminals from YouTube mp4s, wavs and writing their effects in Google docs and making basically a archive for it.

It’s awesome.

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