nov 25 in idea barrages

  • Nov. 23, 2019, 9:08 p.m.
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  1. If you sell freeze dried pork products, the only acceptable name for your line is Kelvin Bacon.

  2. If you celebrate your victory by blasting precious sensitive indie-rock at your fallen opponent, that’s called twee-bagging them.

  3. What McDonalds could do for Halloween would be to bring back the Shamrock Shake for the holiday as “The Silver Shamrock” shake, except silver coloured and festooned with plastic bugs and snakes. But again, people made the mistake of not asking me.

  4. Fold your grading grid up into a rubric cube.

  5. We’re gonna kickstart chicken farms with venture capital and call it an incubator incubator.

  6. Since Election Day and Halloween are always close together, we should just collectively call it Spooky Week.

  7. Does any classic rock act sound more like an annoying-but-not-life-threatening STD than “Boz Scaggs”?

  8. The arrogant baker dropped the pastry trying to pull it out of the oven all fancy and now the choux is on the other foot.

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