The End in OCD George

  • March 12, 2014, 8:37 a.m.
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I finally did it. After I let George in last weekend, I got into a heated fight with my sister because of it. It was a deal breaker in more ways than I could have imagined. She was on the verge of kicking me out and as a result of that I realized it is just time for me to move out on my own. I have been looking for apartments ever since. George made some weird comment on fb so I was concerned for him. I tried calling him and in usual fashion nowadays he didn't answer. He didn't call me back. So a few hours later, I called again, no answer again. About an hour after that I sent him a text letting him know I just wanted to know how he was doing with everything but if he didn't want to talk to me to just let me know. He did let me know. He sent me a text back about an hour later biting my head off. I didn't respond to that at all. The following day I went on fb and he posted something on there basically saying the only reason he puts up with me is because of my good looks and went on to compare me to the car of his dreams that he always has to push everywhere. The irony of that statement was rich. Considering how I have done all the heavy lifting in this whole friendship from the start. I did so without complaint. I loved him. I never really asked a whole lot from him other than to be a friend to me when I needed one. I never asked him for money (he never had any anyways). I never asked him for a ride anywhere (he never had a car... I always had to pick him up and drive him everywhere). I just never really asked him for anything. The only thing I really did do is want to have regular contact with him. He was more than happy to provide that when we were fucking. Once I cut that off... the contact began to dwindle. Ok... I can roll with the punches. I didn't like it but I accepted it. But just because I get hurt and pissed off when I try multiple times to contact you, you are going to take that approach? Really? That's ok... it's no problem, really. I even tried to make excuses for him last pm, thinking that he's depressed and this is just a sign of the depression. Truth be told, I am prob right on the money with that. That doesn't matter however. If he is depressed then I feel for him. But I can't help him with it. He clearly doesn't want me in his life... depression or otherwise. It is time to close the book on OCD George.
Farewell my friend.

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