nov 19 in idea barrages

  • Nov. 18, 2019, 4:39 p.m.
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  1. I don’t think that Mad Magazine ever did an article about being emo called “Welcome To The Blech Parade” and I think we’re all a little less for that.

  2. A magic item that gives you, like, +4 strength but makes you attack your teammates on any natural 1 called an Enragement Ring.

  3. In Soviet Russia, when abyss stares into you too long, YOU stare back!

  4. New! Disillusion Mints! They’re… not as good as you’d hoped.

  5. The Sad Keanu meme has been forgotten and it’s all like “WHOA is me”.

  6. All I really know in the world is that when I act out the entire story of DUNE with cats, the only reason it is going to happen is to get to the line “THE MICE MUST FLOW!”

  7. A Halloween episode of a wrestleshow where a wrestleman pantomimes being slowly defeated because the conceit is that John Cena is wrestling him, dressed as the Invisible Man for Halloween, as U can’t C him.

  8. Everybody’s all like BIG MOOD but Kafka did it better so long ago with BUG MOOD.

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