Open Sesame in Life After 60

  • Oct. 18, 2019, 1:21 a.m.
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Door locks are there for a reason. To keep people out. Unless you are a demented serial killer all bets are off. And breaking into some doors has a greater penalty.
A couple of Saturdays ago I was attending a United States Coast Guard Auxillary Division Meeting. It was being held at a state-run facility and the meeting started at 8:00 AM. No problem as I arrived 10 minutes early. I walked in the door and noticed no one was in the lobby so I looked at some of the exhibits. As I turned to go back toward the main doors a lady in a Park and Recreation Uniform walked through a side door and asked me how I got in the building without setting off the alarm. A very sick feeling came over me. Uh, I walked in through the door. Then she tells me the door was locked and the alarm was set.
Okay, I am no Houdini but the door was unlocked and the alarm was not going off. Yeah, I am lying lady I took a chance to break into a state-run facility to look a stuffed bear and a few fish. At least she didn’t have me arrested! Assume the position is not words I want to hear. Honest officer the door was unlocked. Fingerprints? Yeah, my fingerprints are on the door, I opened it. Wait, I want to exercise my 5th amendment rights and call my attorney. Yes, that is my final answer.

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