Two Things in Book Six: Trying to Hold On 2019

  • Oct. 2, 2019, 5:50 a.m.
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There are really only two things that matter today. One of them won’t be part of my story until after the lunch hour.

I did get the part in the play that I expected to. The star role. With no audition. Seems… odd. And my romantic lead is a very attractive red head, so that doesn’t hurt. But the character I’m playing? Freaking crap, friends, this is like me in way too many ways.
35 year old dentist in the midst of a year-long divorce. The play’s central theme is how though no children, he feels like he has lost his family; despite his family (siblings and friends) coming together to support him.

Yeah… change the practice of dentistry to the practice of law and… eerie. lol.

PHEW! It took a lot of work. A lot of held breath and crossed fingers; but I spared those little girls trial. Thank goodness.

Bonus Third Thing from Court:
A society rots from the head down, eh? Our president keeps screaming “Harassment” because when he breaks the law, he gets investigated. Well, Trump supporters are now saying the same thing. This fucking idiot was granted probation 3 years ago. This was his FIFTH probation violation hearing. So… he broke the law, got a huge break. Broke the law again, they didn’t pull probation. Broke the law again, they didn’t pull probation. Broke the law again, they didn’t pull probation. Broke the law AGAIN, they didn’t pull probation. SO FINALLY, this time (since Boss and I are in charge finally) we put our foot down and said PULL THIS FUCKING GUY’S PROBATION! If he keeps breaking the law, why is he still out of jail on probation?! Put him in jail!!!

So of course, his response to us? “Why all this harassment?! When is this harassment going to end from you guys?!” I wanted to scream “WHEN YOU STOP BREAKING THE LAW, ASSHOLE!” but kept my head, instead.

As a terrible connecting thing:
It’s like an onion. There are layers.
The level of twisting and conspiracy-belief and anti-fact-supporting bullshit I continue to see out of Trump supporters is heartbreaking, horrifying, and horrendous.

Want to buy a shit ton of worthless Iraq money? Apparently hundreds (maybe thousands) of Trump supporters have given MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to Afrikaan Scammers in the belief that Trump will reinvigorate the Iraqi economy, making their currency incredibly valuable.
Want to support Anti-Vax beliefs without proof? Apparently the President has made it quite clear that pharmaceutical companies are taking advantage of the United States and selling us nothing but placebos.
Want to kill those who say words like “global community”? Apparently, Trump can never be impeached or removed from office because he is the only one that is protecting the United States from a secret Deep State Government Cabal that has already agreed to make the United States part of the EU. If he is successfully impeached, Trump himself has given the green light to start an armed insurrection to preserve US Sovereignty.
Want to make sure that YOU can make money even if it KILLS your grandchildren? Apparently, Global Warming can’t be proven to be “more important than wealth” so we need to stop talking about it unless what we’re really trying to do is bankrupt America!

I so desperately wish I was joking. I desperately wish that at least ONE of those up there was invented by my own imagination to be funny. BUT ALL OF THOSE (and more) are making the rounds again. En Masse. Because when the President releases a transcript that pretty much reads exactly like A CRIME… you invent moronic stupid bullshit to get around the uncomfortable fact that the MORON in office ACTIVELY BROKE THE LAW and (this time) was STUPID ENOUGH to publish the evidence.

For those still arguing if whether the president did was illegal… I refer you to the Mueller Probe. Mueller stated that there could be no considered conspiracy to work with the Russians in their unlawful meddling in 2016 because (1) the Trump organization was not directly aware of the Russian activities; (2) No quid pro quo was ever discussed. Alternately THIS TIME, those defenses don’t work (despite everyone screaming, foolishly, that there was no quid pro quo). Allow me to share the transcript:
(obviously, I apologize for you having to read Donald Trump… his sentences read like a distracted chimpanzee typing random letters)

They discuss the “great things” America does for Ukraine, the President asks for a favor and then discusses reopening an investigation into Biden.

I don’t like Biden. I don’t want Biden to be the next President of the United States. But what Donald Trump did was illegal and… as angry as it might make you… it IS because of how he went about it. If Donald was intelligent, he would have said something like We want to make sure we’re doing whatever we can to help you protect democracy. If you have a corruption problem, we’d like to help. But that isn’t what Trump wants. Because the “corruption” problem that Hunter and Joe Biden may be involved in.... do your actual legwork. That story goes like this: The Ukranian Government was investigating a company. Hunter Biden began working for that company WHILE it was being investigated. The American Government, The Ukrainian Government, and many of their allies began seeing that the Ukrainian Government was having issues with corruption. At the behest of the Ukrainian Government, many organizations were able to tie corruption to the Federal Prosecutor’s Office. The Federal Prosecutor was refusing to prosecute wealthy or politically connected individuals. So Biden, and the rest, sent a recommendation to the Ukrainian Government to terminate that prosecutor. The “TL;DR” of that “scandal” is… World Governments discover lazy corrupt bad guy and recommend his termination. NOW in America, we have a lazy corrupt bad guy that wants to investigate his political opponent because that opponent was part of saying “fire lazy corrupt bad guys.” Get it now!?! It isn’t about “helping Ukraine with corruption” it was about getting a Foreign Power to Interfere in the Election by giving Trump ammunition to shout during debates. “Joe Biden is under investigation in the Ukraine for corruption!!” But the Ukrainian Government told Trump (specifically and repeatedly) that they had conducted an investigation and determined no wrong doing by Biden or any of the individuals involved. So Trump has his personal attorney, Bill Barr, and the State’s Office contact the Ukrainian government over the course of the next few days.

(1) He personally solicited a quid pro quo from a foreign government hoping to influence the 2020 election;
(2) He used both personal agents and government officials in furtherance of this scheme;
(3) Officials within the government violated confidentiality policy and placed the illegal phone call in a “Top Secret” server to prevent this coordination from being made public.

Crime, Crime, Cover Up. And the fact that there are people out there screaming “Perfect phone call. Nothing wrong. Giant hoax”… is lamentable and shameful.

hippiechica15 October 02, 2019

Congrats on the role!
And thank you for the summation. We’ve been keeping up even while on vacation across the pond!

Pennyworth's Ghost October 02, 2019

Whom do you like?

Park Row Fallout Pennyworth's Ghost ⋅ October 02, 2019

Presently I am a Kamala Harris supporter but as a fellow Prosecutor, it makes a lot more sense than it seems to some. lol

Pennyworth's Ghost Park Row Fallout ⋅ October 02, 2019

You mean those enlightened souls who can't see past superficial identity politics and think voting for a black female candidate is somehow voting against your own best interests as a middle class white male?

woman in the moon October 02, 2019

I plan to caucus for Harris. I like Beto too and can't see why he hasn't gotten more support.
Congratulations on the lead in the play. I bet you'll be good. Plus you'll have even more the write about.

Deleted user October 03, 2019

There’s no hope for the 2020 election. None whatsoever. Like the song, clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right...

Out of the billions of people in our country you’d think we could get some really good candidates.

Rhapsody in Purple October 03, 2019

I’m excited about you getting into acting again!

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