mon. er yesterday. the best part of my day. in 2007: March 1: transferred fom FOD

  • Sept. 11, 2019, 7:57 a.m.
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so. oh! oh omygod. the best part of my day yesterday. was. so when i was at the store where dawn worked well i was coming up one aisle. in the freezer section. and i saw this guy w/ gray and white hair glasses. gray t shirt that had green and yellow vertical stripes on it on the front. he was heading down. the aisle and i’m ‘sorry man’ as i was in his way and then. went elsewhere in the store i was headed elsewhere anyway. no but here comes the best part: so some time later when i was standing. in an aisle waiting for a self checkout. [as i don’t like ‘blocking up the halls’, as it were.]. well. he was on his way. to somewhere in the store and he. stopped and paused and told me ‘i just wanted to tell you. have a nice day’ and he looked at me. waited. sincere and i’m ‘thank you’. wow. what a nice guy. wow. and just. a random customer said that to me not. someone who works in the store who is supposed to ya know? wow. what a nice guy really brightened my day. again. i love where i live. the people are so nice. wow. aw.

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