Letter to Alex in ❅journal 2019❅

  • Sept. 10, 2019, 5:32 p.m.
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Dear Alex,

I regret agreeing to ever date you last spring. You seemed so strong, so defiant and so cute I couldn’t help but like you. I should have listened to all of our friends who told me it wouldn’t end well.

How every week you seemed to get more and more heartbroken over some fling. You where…a nice girlfriend for a bit, you cared about me yes. But also you didn’t see me as a person.

I think you did at first but overtime you started to see me as your punching bag. Everything I did was “wrong” and I would be guilt tripped by you.

Time and time again, I was getting punished for things you did and treated badly for it. You didn’t even care who everyone else warned me.

I know I’m older than you. And I know you feel as though I used you. But that’s not the truth.

When you got broken up with and my boyfriend rejected you, you crawled back to me. You said some things that made me feel so bad for blowing up on you.

You told me that you where hiding in your room all day and I was the only thing keeping you alive. You’d bombard me for hours talking about how you changed and it wouldn’t be pain this time.

Ofcourse you.lied. and I’m fine with that.

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