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  • Aug. 20, 2019, 5:29 a.m.
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Current Book: I just finished “Jack Of Hearts (And Other Parts)” by L.C. Rosen (Cute but ended suddenly - I kinda wish it was out when I was a teenager - and have today moved on to “What If It’s Us” by Becky Albertalli (who wrote Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda, which I’ve yet to read but I’ve seen the movie remake “Love, Simon”) and Adam Silvera. I’m already 85 pages in so I’m enjoying the second of the three books I bought at the gay bookstore in Sydney last time I was there.

Current Music: There’s always a lot of music playing, especially with my personal charts each week. Shock-horror though, I’m winding them down! I’ve been compiling them since I was 14 and I guess I’m finally growing up and chucking in my childhood hobby. I won’t know what to do with myself! Anyway, I always have my favourites when it comes to music, but currently (as in this week lol) I’ve been playing a lot of James TW, Ingrid Andress, Miranda Lambert, AURORA, Tyler Shaw and (surprisingly) Greyson Chance.

Current Films: Last film I saw was that one on Netflix with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston, and Toy Story 4.

Current TV Shows: This has taken over from movies lately. I finished “Wentworth” (obsessed!), “Orange Is The New Black” (cute ending I guess), “Bloom” (pleading for a 2nd season of this but I have no idea if it’s happening or not), and my current obsession is “Les Norton”.

Current Guilty Pleasure: Sex. Cute guys. What else is new?

Current Drink: Hmm, well I’m a typical gay man in that I can rarely go past a good iced coffee.

Current Food: I’m making my way through the stuff I bought at the EKKA, which is the Mint and Orange Rocky Road bars, but they are taking me a while.

Current Website/Link: I stick to the same websites I have for years. You would think I’d be better at finding favourites but nope, nothing. It’s a rotation of Facebook, Prosebox, M4B Charts Central and the official music charts websites. I like looking at Instagram on a laptop too because it still shows how many likes people get haha.

Current Game: Fairyland, if you can even call that a game. I’m pretty el-lamo when it comes to gaming.

Current Goals: Fitness is a never-ending goal that I quite enjoy, so I’m in a happy place with that right now. Also I’m trying to get rid of my Winter-whiteness since I look like an albino. It’s been quite warm lately so I’ve been relaxing with my books by the pool on my days off :)

Current Triumph: Well I actually went out last Saturday night instead of being a hermit crab, so that’s something! Haha. Wow, that’s lame.

Current Excitement: I’m checking out my friend’s new house he bought tonight with his boyfriend, and meeting their cute doggo (Alfie) in person, so that’ll be fun. I’m off to Sydney again next weekend on a whim since Ryan invited me down (that’s a whole other story) and I’ve also booked Mardi Gras again for next year since Tiger was having their sale and I thought why not. Prob is I now have to be conscious of paying that off, but I guess it is forever away.

Current disappointment: Not having closer connections with straight people I know. There just always seems to be that sexuality stigma lingering. These thoughts are just brought on by the current book I’m reading (where gay guys miraculously have these sorts of relationships). I dunno, just gets me down a little. Even my former best friend ignored my birthday message to him earlier in the year, and we used to be so close. People have lives I guess and I just have to remember not everyone’s going to like me.

Current Wish: Mostly that my sister’s cancer would go away.
Also that these annoying climate change protesters in my city would all get arrested or fuck off and do something else with their time. They don’t even directly effect me but MAN they are irking me for some reason, and I’m a Green’s supporter! :O

Current Struggle or Dilemma: I guess the thoughts of ever owning a home come to mind lol.

Current feeling: Yeah I feel pretty good today. I did get laid yesterday though lol.

Currently Missing: I think about James fairly often and why he did (I can only assume) what he did. I just wish I had some answers.
Also my Sydney crush, who I never see when I’m there anyway, but I’m allowed to miss him, right?

Current Weather: I dunno, but it’s stunning outside. Blue skies and really warm, little wind. It feels like it’s around 27C.

Current Thought: That I have to try and get to gym before heading to Moe and Ben’s

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J🌞DI August 20, 2019

Interesting answers. Best wishes to your sister!

TommyGnosis August 20, 2019

That was fun, I wanna snatch it

~Octopussy~ August 21, 2019


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