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  • Aug. 13, 2019, 11:46 p.m.
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It’s normal to feel bad when your parents fight and you’re 12.
Except when they’re still fighting and you’re 34. 35 in 2 days.
My mom deserves to be happy at her age, and whatever my dad chooses to do, I hope he does in good health and being of sound mind.
Brother came by yesterday to talk to him; he went batshit and told him it’s none of his business then screamed at my mom that no one trusts him, we’re all against him, blah blah blah.
My dad just screams and complains for the sake of it, likely because it never did him any good as a kid but now as the “big dog”, we’re forced to deal with it.
That’s what he said to me once, as an explanation for his idiotic and childish rules and preferences. “I gotta kick up the dirt sometimes to show I’m the big dog.”
It’s a power thing, same with him making me wait to be picked up from work.
Yeah, I love standing out there with hookers and junkies talking to themselves, I’ll give you your 15 minute grace period. When my mom picks me up, she’s there right when I’m off; I asked her why he likes making me wait, and she agreed it’s a power thing stemming from his wonderful childhood. Only now have I ever wondered why my mom got together with my dad.
For her sake, unless my dad starts being more honest or goes to a doctor (she thinks he’s getting cellulitis; but wont go to the doctor or file a claim because he could possibly be on meth since we never see him sleep).
That’s another thing. All this storage unit, “fixing up shit” shit is literal tweeker shit.
As I was saying, for her sake unless he gets help or does a complete 180, I hope she gets out.
I don’t know who’ll get the house or how the equity will be split, but them going their separate ways sure does seem better than my mom cooping herself up in her room all day so nothing she does or asks will set off the big crybaby.
He’s not exactly a presence in the house since he’s in the garage all day and night doing fuck knows what.
My mom wont let my sister talk to him, likely because it’ll just result in more ‘you’re all against me’ shit. His go-to with that is now telling my mom she can leave “since she wants to be with someone else or something.” How narcissistic. It’s not about anything like that, but of course he has to paint himself as the victim all the time, which is funny because that shit never flew with him when I was a kid or in adolescence; “Hey get over it, lifes not fair.”
Happy birthday to me, send me some cigarettes

Be good

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