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  • Aug. 13, 2019, 9:57 a.m.
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Friday/Saturday my right eye started involuntarily tearing up. Weird. Blamed it on sinuses. Sunday/last night it started feeling itchy with a slight burning sensation with more tears.

I see my doc in an hour. Pretty sure I’ve got pink eye.


Can my luck finally turn around for once!?!?

A few hours later…
Not pink eye!

I’ve got some irritation that’s caused both eyelids to swell. His nurse did the eye drop with dye then used her sonic screwdriver I mean infrared light and gave my eye a good looking at. (Ha!)

Then I got a saline eye wash that was like water boarding for your optical.

Was told no smoking so I know I’m going to be fiending hardcore later for a cig and use ibuprofen for the swelling.

They gave me a prescription for eye drops that totalled out to $291. I noped the fuck out of that and purchased a $6 dollar saline wash.

Now I’m back at home sprawled out on the couch and exhausted. Roughly 5 hours of sleep within the last 48 hours will drag anyone down.

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DimMeOut August 13, 2019

Oh that sucks!!! I hope it's just allergies and not pink eye!

J.E. DimMeOut ⋅ August 13, 2019 (edited August 13, 2019)


Nah. I just updated. Some irritation of some sort. I did take several faces full of smoke Saturday when grilling out which may be the cause.

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