When the straw that broke the camels back finally pays off in All other relationships

  • March 2, 2014, 9:43 a.m.
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So that tiff I had with my sister yesterday may actually pay off for me. It fueled my fire once again to find a place of my own. I have done this before but I always backed down because I just didn't think that I could afford it. But yesterday was different. She just went way over the top, accusing me of lying about something that I so wasn't lying about at all and not to mention that it was such a stupid thing to get so mad over. My kids really can't stand her, they don't like living here at all. She clearly doesn't want me here anymore. I went online looking for places but I didn't find much. There were 2 places I saw, one I sent an email on and the other said to call. I almost called but I again just figured I couldn't afford it given it doesn't include heat and hot water. But today I asked Joe for money to buy a trailer home and we were kinda talking about things and he sent me a link for the same apt I saw and didn't call on. We talked some more about it and he talked me into it. I just went over my income and my expenses and so long as I can be put on a budge plan with the gas company, I know I can make this work. It may not be comfortable financially for a while, but it is doable. I am leaving soon to go look at it. I am really excited.

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