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  • July 23, 2019, 1:01 a.m.
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Check list of THANGS

1. Pare down rabbits, Have 40, need under 10 to travel. Cue heartbreak Currently at 20!!
2. Vet check for both dogs Low cost vet clinic will do rabies shots and vet checks after August 12th.
3. Rabies shot for both dogs. Before Sepetember.

1. Passports Done today
2. Medication - mine *got refills *

1. School transcripts for highschooler.
2. medications for SN child/ doctors file and information release paperwork for new doctor.
3. Pre leaving doctors visits/pysicals with lead time in case they need follow ups.

1. Totes. Lots of totes haha. Emptied a shed hoping to get some totes from our previous move. NOPE all trash
2. Garage sale to pare down belongings
3. More garage sales.
4. Everything needs to fit inside a small trailer.

Travel itself.
1. Car tuneups,
2. Trailer tune up ( on the way) Everything installed
3. Spare tires
4. Extra charging cables for all devices.
4. Gas Cans
5. Pet food for travel. ( dog and rabbit)
6. Human food for travel - will be making jerky and baked goods for the drive and pick up fresh foods along the way.
7. Lots of prayers
8. Tire change kit ( BOUGHT!)
9. Caffination of choice. We cant do this without caffeine. there will be very long stretches of the AlCan without option of gas stations.

Ok so we got some stuff checked off. Not everything can be done this far in advance either. But will start going through my bedroom to start packing my stuff this week.

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