Stuff 'n things in The Dark Craptastic (July 2019)

  • July 22, 2019, 11:05 p.m.
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I don’t do titles.

School starts in 45 days.
Today’s song: Abra Moore - “Trip on Love”

Had the big crack in my front tooth repaired. Tongue feels much better. I had been grinding it into the hole, and it was abraded.

Started a new to-do list book. I wouldn’t call it a bullet journal, because I never do anything worthy of a fancy title like “bullet journal.” I just wash a lot of underwear and have doctor’s appointments.

I think I conceived my NaNoWriMo plot for the year. I think a modern “captive of the lord” plot (and I don’t mean “lord” as in “God.”) Something due to business espionage. Her brother goes to jail if she doesn’t help out the “evil” CEO or something. Fluffy romance, in other words. This is fine. I will be doing uni work in November, too, and fluffy is relaxing. I will enjoy the fuck out of it. I liked Rainbow last year, right? I fit it into the corners and it might not be a good one, but I’ve never written a sequel so I can suck if I want to.

Anyway, it’s not like anyone’s reading anything.

I need a new playlist, for August. July used all the messy ones I had and I’m dissatisfied and hearing the same shit over and over. Time to put it together in a new way.

Which is kind of a theme of my life.
I am cursed with infernal patience. I will wait forever if the situation is at all tenable.

I don’t like that about me.

I do like:
My haircolor
My cooking
The feeling when the needle drops in my brain and the flow starts
When I’m useful

When I’m part of something that other people are doing, and we get together and do it - I like that. I think of it as “synergy.” I don’t actually know what synergy is, but that’s what I call it.

Not much happened today, and even less will happen tomorrow. It’s summer. It rolls on like this. Boring and hot. Hot and boring.

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