Pre-Weekend Anticipation! in These Foolish Things

  • July 12, 2019, 4:39 p.m.
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End of the workday and once again, like clockwork, I find myself unable to concentrate on computer work BS after 3:30. Of course, I have figured out a way (if I’m not in a meeting) to do constructive things like move product to the warehouse and work through visual tasks (remember, I do design and development and have a lot of non-computery and non-paperworky stuff to do as well), so I’m still working. In fact, probably even more productive when I do stuff like that.

But at this point, I’m kind of clock watching and will leave this office at the stroke of 5 today to start the weekend.

The only things I have planned so far are:
(A) Walk dog a lot
(B) Try this new coffee place in the adjacent neighborhood
(C) Farmers Market
(D) Girl date for ice cream!
(E) Facetime date with some dude who lives in a town 3 hours away
(F) Try on new clothes I bought online
(G) The last bits of organizing bathroom and then I can start in on kitchen cabinets
(H) Sunday late afternoon/evening friend date!!

Actually, now that I read the list back I think it’s gonna be a great weekend!

Dinner last night with NORT was really, really nice. He is an eccentric and a pretty heavy-hitting attorney and although I’m not attracted to him, he charmed the heck out of me last night. He can make me think and laugh and he pulled some really great thought-provoking ideas out of me - just like a really great therapist! What a nice time!

At the end of dinner, we simply walked back around the block into our building, up the elevator and to our floor (we live 4 units down from each other), he walked me to my door and I opened it so Martini could come greet us and small hug and goodbye.

I’m not sure if he’s thinking this is a romantic thing or not - but I’m pretty sure he is because he’s single and why would he be asking me out on date-like things if he didn’t have a romantic interest?

Speaking of romantic interest, I heard from our good Doctor today. He’s been insanely busy with his own infirmary this week - his son had his surgery and then his daughter came to town because she’d been feeling sick and wanted to get things checked out in the colon department. Doc D was telling me that she had been talking non-stop about her poops, which made me laugh. I love that they are that close.

But I do know that’s why he’s been out of pocket lately. That’s not likely to change, and so again, I’m not pursuing, but it made me feel a little bit better about..whatever. I still stand by the fact that he has been in my life at the right time for the right reasons - and if you think about it, everyone in my life is there at the right time for the right reasons. I just need to realize why!! Most of the time I believe they have been there to learn lessons along my life’s journey. I still count the blessings in my friendships and relationships every day!

There’s a new Hinge interest, yes. He’s very intense and as I wrote above, lives three hours away. His request for a FaceTime date had me laughing and thinking about The Scot and our far, far away conversations. I did love those little dates…as quirky as they were.

Anyway. We’ll see how this goes. I’m ready to start this weekend. I’m looking forward to it. I hope you are too.

With love and friendship,

Gangleri July 12, 2019

You could ask him. ;)

plushcreep July 12, 2019

I've always had a weird feeling you'd end up with Doctor D. Take that for whatever it's worth!

Deleted user July 13, 2019

Have a great weekend !!

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