Getting a pasport in Bittersweet

  • July 11, 2019, 1:18 p.m.
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Ahh today we go to get the passports. Im getting the passport card. Its good for North America. I dont plan on any outside trips any time soon haha. This 3500 mile drive will be my vacation, hell and salvation all rolled into one. And before you try to challenge that, I challenge you to a 10 day car ride with 5 kids. But not just ANY 5 kids. Must be super moody teenager, extremely moody O.D.D Pre teen, Special needs 10 year old, Grouchy 8 year old, and ball of sunshine 5 year old. 4 of those MUSt be boys, Guys which ones ;) My kids arent easy lol. Then bring a few dogs, and rabbits for measure. Add in a smoking road rage prone hubby and you have my trip! ;) No really, its going to be crazy hard and stressful but so much fun! I really am looking forward to it, My only stress is my buns.

Ill manage, thats what my anti anxiety meds are for… and can i hide my pot pills in my sock through the boarder? I joke. Its legal here, may not be there, and they have to stay cool, or they melt. Which means i have 3 months to take 10 pills or leave them for my mother in law. But i imagine with the stress of it all. Ill be taking some to help me sleep. 10 pills may not be much, but i bought 20 some 6 months ago. So tells you how often i use it.

I think ive divided into 8 rabbits i think ill bring, and the rest ill try to rehome. Some may go back to their breeders… i dont know yet because i havent talked to anyone about it yet. Sigh. Im still overwhelmed about the prep.

But first think is first. I need a shower if im going to take a photo today. My hair is a really funky shade of purple brown. No time for a touch up though. It should be plum colored. But going to have to do it faded lol. Hubbys cashed out retirement came in. its the prep money we get, and the money we have to live on for as long as possible. But i can spare the 8 dollars it takes to redo my hair. Just… not before we want the passports done. So they are on the way. Whatever. Im not that vain lol. Slightly, But not too bad. And mostly just about my hair ;)

My mind is going a mile a minute. I need to slow down, re center and focus on what i have to do today. Which is prep for the fiber festival and rabbit show in 2 weeks. I need to get some yarns spun. Need to finish crocheting 2 hats to ship out. Need to enjoy the cooler weather as its no longer 100 degrees. Back to a normal 60. I wore a cardi yesterday and it felt so good! I need to finish washing out my marigold dye. Mix up a batch of soap, mix up a batch of hand cream from the herbal infusions i started weeks ago. Feed the critters, feed the kids. And remember to just be…

Deleted user July 11, 2019

Wait ! Are you moving ?

ChainedChrysalis Deleted user ⋅ July 11, 2019

Hope so!! Although now i have a client crying i cant leave! lol.

Deleted user ChainedChrysalis ⋅ July 11, 2019


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