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  • July 11, 2019, 12:46 p.m.
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I’ve kind of poked at this subject I think.
Like when my dad had to have quintuple bypass surgery, there was a noticeable divide in my family between my stepmother and her children and my father’s siblings.

From what I’ve been told, the divide started because of a lie that one cousin told. When in the hospital, she was told that she couldn’t come in, so that translated into his siblings couldn’t visit. The truth was that they didn’t want anyone outside of his children, grandchildren, and siblings.

Come to find out that my aunts have been treating my stepsibs bad for a long time. I had a talk with one of my sister’s, TJ. She said they would pinch them and really do them in and be mean to them. They would take them shopping and then return the clothes they bought.

Over the years I remember things that have been said in my presence. My oldest sister (who passed away) would say stuff like, “I need to know what’s going on with my daddy. I bet all them other ones know.” My sister was grown and in and out of church, but always in touch with daddy. The stepsibs do work in the church. Do work around the church. My dad’s siblings do work for the church when they want to. They isolate themselves, can’t wait to leave and get out of church, rarely do anything church related unless they will be seen, but want to say things like those J’s are trying to get in good and tell us what we can and can’t do, when it is expressly coming from HIM.

So my brother, and now my niece have both said things about how close they are. My brother shouldn’t open his mouth to say a damn thing. He only communicates with one uncle, a few aunts MAYBE and one cousin on that side of the family. And he says he doesn’t care. If he doesn’t care, then you shouldn’t have an opinion.

My stepsibs (who I call brother and sisters) have been around since the youngest of them was in the womb. My dad raised these kids. It’s not like they showed up 5 years ago and are trying to take over. That’s not it at all. And for everyone who keeps their distance to say anything derogatory about them is nonsense. My niece tried to be on that stuff and I had to tell her too. It’s not like they just popped up. They’ve been here. If they feel that way, then what does that say about me? I’m right there with them too. In the church. Doing the work that needs to be done when I can just leave. Often I feel like I’m standing around and in the way and am always asking what do you want me to do. I’ve asked where I should be. My position is to be among the kids. We don’t do anything he doesn’t tell us to do. I’m here and I see this. If we want to make a move, we ask him. Seriously.

Personally, I think HE needs to be the one to address directly to people when they have issues with something. But until then, that’s not how it is.

It’s all jacked up. For real, but it will weed out who is for him and who is against him.

Honestly, God has the final say. But I’m going to stop right here.

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