Bitches Love Banana Bread. in Phoenix

  • June 9, 2019, 4:16 p.m.
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He baked me banana bread, ya’ll. A man. Baked. Banana bread. For me.

Take note, boys. Bitches love banana bread.

And not just any old banana bread, no sir. Special fancy banana bread baked with little bits of apricot and walnuts and a whole lot of love.

Banana bread. For me.

Like, I got this magical banana bread Friday night and I’m still going over and over in my head, “He baked me banana bread. I can’t believe he baked me banana bread.”

I don’t think a man has ever even baked me a birthday cake, much less random banana bread.

I’m gonna go eat some banana bread now and continue being dumbfounded.

A. Nony Mouse June 10, 2019

You deserve ALL the banana bread, Hun. <3

🌈 JustWillow 🦄 A. Nony Mouse ⋅ June 10, 2019

I do! <3

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