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  • May 23, 2019, 2:53 p.m.
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Still short tempered but I think we all were a little overwhelmed by the phones today since everyone Is trying to do extra before the holiday.

I think I’m getting out at 330/4 tomorrow so that’s nice.

Oreo is still on my mind, ask the time. But I try not to took I’m home so I can cry LOL.

Like even now, just the mention has me on the edge.

I don’t regret what we did. Its just the two other cats I put down were in a state of emergency. Oreo was ok. I mean he was not ok cause he wasn’t eating and was basically wasting away in his cat bed but it wasnt a scary emergency situation.

At the time me and will decided to do it Oreo was hiding behind the tv cabinet because it’s the One Place we can’t get him cause the cabinet is too heavy to move.

We revved the dustbuster and he jumped out and I got him.
We called the vet ahead but didnt really have an appt so we had to cry over him in their private cry room for a while.

We cried we prayed we apologized
It was awful

The doc had to examine him and hear or story, ask the mess, etc. I brought ask the vet receipts. The vet agreed.

They took him away to get a catheter. Brought him back. More crying and waiting.

There was a table in the cry room so we placed him there on a towel. The table add was hidden in a closet. Bringing the table out made me sob like crazy.

There was a couple shots but some was just fluid, some was medicine.

Will held him.

There was the one shot that put him to sleep. He was standing kinda leaning against will and they gave him the sleep shot and he kinda leaned over, head dropped. He was out of pain then.

Then the shot to stop his heart.
I didn’t notice him stop breathing but the vet confirmed no heart beat.

Left us again. More crying.

They came and got him. Taking him away started another sob fest.

In between all the waiting they talked to us about cremation and we paid. We won’t get the ashes but we’ll get the paw print stone.

And so I’ve been crying, numb, shoveling ice cream, not sleeping and trapping ferals LOL. My therapy.

we got 8 of the 13 this week and we’ve released them and we’re taking a break. Alot of distruption the area. We’ll let it calm and come back.

In other news one of the ladies said her job needs to hire but there isn’t an application out yet. They pay more. I applied. Now I’m sick of this job and want that one lol.

Watch “TNR release of group trap” on YouTube

Here’s a video of three of the cats we caught being released. Please use the US English captions. I just put some thank you’s in there.

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