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  • May 15, 2019, 2 p.m.
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and I’m pretty sure why.
MIL pulled a fast one on DH and I the week before we went on vacation. It kind of sucked pretty hard because MIL and FIL were going to be part of the vacation- just to save money near the end, because we’re poor, you know.
Basically she pulled a guilt trip on DH to cut our vacation short to spend time with his Grandmother. There was much reference to his responsibility to visit, his obligation to spend time with, and his failure to go out of his way to spend time with his grandmother and aunt who live an hour and a half away (by their own choice).
Here’s what makes me really mad. DH works for the family biz. He is the only one that works 7 days a week. He’s about 1000% more sensible and responsible than his older brother, who seems to throw a tantrum at every opportunity to get out of work. So more work piled on DH. Yet MIL blames him for not finding the time to go see his poor old grandmother and his aunt who only has a year to live. Yes, she pulled the old and dying card.
I mean. I was livid. Not just because she thought she could dump all this on him, but because she dumped it on him just before and allegedly because of, his only vacation time. Thanks, MIL, for piling more stress and more grief on your only good son. FFS.
And DH was affected. Therefor, I was affected. MIL never apologized either, even after confrontation. She merely demurred, it wasn’t really me, just relying the message. No, lady. It was you. You blamed him. You impose impossible standards. You are devaluing your son.
A mere 2 weeks later she asks if I’d like to go to her stupid Pampered Chef party. Haha. No, Thanks. Not sure why I feel so repulsed and embittered about you, but maybe it has something to do with the shit you just pulled.

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