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  • May 15, 2019, 3:57 a.m.
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Today ended up being an exciting day.
I bought a new phone!

After extensive reviewing and such, I’ve decided on the Oppo R17 Pro. I didn’t know a thing about this brand only a few days ago, but I’m now the owner of a brand new one. Unfortunately, the blue ones seem to be all sold out, so I’ve gone with the green one, but it’s still reaaaaalllly nice. My current phone I’ve had for coming up to five years now, and with the battery once again dying on me before it even reaches 0%, it was time.
I’ve yet to play with the new phone, as I just got home and am charging it properly first, but it was so nice to take out of the pretty box and unwrap it. I was like an excited school kid.
I’ll write what attracted me to this particular phone. To start with, it was $699. I went to the shop that had it with Vish, and he got it down to $603.78. Discount queen, I tell ya. And for a phone with the specs it has, that price is a hell of a lot less than what I’d be forking out for an Iphone or a Samsung. Still, like I said, I’ve yet to test it out. Just going on reviews so far, and it has an average rating of 85 out of 100. So yeah, that’s pretty good.

I do know one thing so far though, and that’s how fast it’s charging. It’s gone up 20% in charge in less than 5 minutes so far. A full charge is around 35 minutes they so, so that makes sense. There’s a special charger that it comes with that enables that speed. Also, the battery is the same size as my portable charger, which gives the phone two full days of use. Yet to test it out, but wow. I wouldn’t even need my portable one most of the time in that case.
The camera: It’s 25mp, and it has three. One is a 3D one which I’ll have to play around with. Even the front camera is something ridiculous, and with the amount of selfies I put on Snapchat, that sounds like a good thing. One guy in the reviews even reckons that Oppo have included an automatic beautifier in their camera settings because the pictures make you look better than you actually are, even without a filter. I hope this is true LOL.

It’s going to take some getting used to. It comes with a pretty nice case, but I’ve ordered a glass one online and will see how that looks when it arrives. I figure for such a sleek-looking phone, the plastic one might cheapen the look and feel of it, although I don’t really care. I’ve been using a plastic one for years on my current one. I might even prefer it.

Ok, so now it’s fully charged. My God. Already.

Anyway, after I left there, I went to the gym again and did squats (which I am NOT used to doing) and when I tried to go the leg press afterward, my legs would just not stop SHAKING. Like, they did not like that at all! So I tried to stretch them out a fair bit so I could actually walk home.

Then on my walk home I stopped in at the RAPID clinic and got a sexual health checkup done, which I’ve been putting off for ages. I had to wait for a few people before me as they are quite popular now but once I was in, it was rather fast, and I had a really good conversation with the nurse, which was nice. Normally back and forth banter is difficult with someone like me but he was really good at his job. I had my HIV and Syphilis (I never know how to spell that correctly) in 20 minutes and they texted me my other results within two hours! Crazy fast. Negative for all!
TBH, I was actually surprised at the result. I thought I might’ve had something given how much random (especially oral) sex I’ve had in the past two months, but I had a clean bill of health. Always good to get the peace of mind though, phew. At least now I know.

I’m probably just going to be playing with my new toy tonight and tomorrow when I get home from work. I’ll be too afraid to keep it in my pocket like I do with my current one.

So yeah, very thankful to finally be feeling better and having a productive day. Yesterday I voted also, so got that out of the way too so I don’t have to on Saturday. Finishing at 7pm, I wouldn’t be able to anyway and I certainly don’t feel like getting up early to go vote for a bunch of wankers. Seriously, I had to number 83 fucking candidates in order of who I hated least to most. And it alarms me how many extreme right-wing political parties there are compared to left-wing. Yikes. Will be a very interested election this coming weekend though I think.

I watched the first semi-final of Eurovision early this morning too, and Kate is through to the final! Hard to believe I was at that event this time one year ago in Portugal. And now it’s in Israel! Sorry, I’m a Eurovision fanatic.

kmh. May 15, 2019

New phone, yay! Enjoy!
Glad to hear you got a clean bill of health :)

TommyGnosis May 15, 2019

Your body just went through a lot, take it easy at the gym

s.q.u.e.a.k May 16, 2019

Omg do we actually have to number every box?!

KissOfLife! s.q.u.e.a.k ⋅ May 16, 2019

You don't have to. I only do to make sure my vote stays my vote lol. I don't trust preferences.

s.q.u.e.a.k KissOfLife! ⋅ May 16, 2019

Good point haha I should do that too

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