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  • May 11, 2019, 8:04 a.m.
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First I had Influenza A....think it was in February? That put me down for a week! Now I have a raging case of bronchitis!

It kind of scared me a lil’ bit because my chest was hurting. It wasn’t a uniform pain…it reminded me more of what a woman’s heart attack might feel like.

But, I didn’t panic. I called Andrew and told him to come get me.

No fever, my EKG/x-ray/bloodwork all came back good. Just bronchitis.

I have never had bronchitis like THIS. But, they gave me a Z-pak and Prednisone. Kinda wished they gave me an inhaler, but oh well.

Sleeping is rough already, but the near-contant coughing and hacking up crap had me in tears.

Still. I went to work and gutted it out. About two hours before the end of my shift, I was exhausted. I had put my head down a couple times to catch my breath. Finally, my co-worker said I looked really flushed and she felt my head.

I had a fever. Took it when I got home. 101.7, which isn’t too bad. I figure my body is fighting…cool. Lemme load up on some water.

I vaguely remember the ride home. I puked in Wal-Mart parking lot…slept from Wal-Mart to home. Staggered up the stars…shot to the bathroom and puked more.

Then I finally laid down and started Snapping people. Think I passed out around 0030? Ish? I don’t remember. I just remember telling people I was exhausted and put my phone down.

I am blown away at how awesome my workplace is though. Most other places, I would’ve been told I’m coughing too loud and would’ve heard constant bitching. My team cares. We look out for each other the best we can.

I feel like life is slowly coming together.

black and gray May 11, 2019

Sorry you've been battling all these illnesses but glad you do have a supportive team around you! :)

Scruddle May 13, 2019

I hope you feel better soon.

Darkest Days, Brightest Nights May 13, 2019

Hope you’re feeling better.

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