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  • April 23, 2019, 10:08 a.m.
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The treasures to wealth are in the books. Knowledge is what makes leaders most of the top leaders that we know are readers. I am the type of person that reads a chapter of a book every night before I go to bed. I managed to pick this habit from reading my two lovely daughters their bedtime stories while they were younger. The reading culture helped me discover a lot about developing oneself and reaching out for one’s dreams. Here is an overview of the books I am reading right now:

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Fiction Books

Fictional texts give me this adrenaline rush that makes me feel alive in a way. I not only get to learn the creativity of the authors but also the art of how they manage to tell their stories. Apart from enjoying the book, I also draw lessons and learn from them. Being a fan of crime, thriller, and mystery books, I often make use of discounts and promo codes for the Book People retailer to get the best collections at the most affordable prices. I am especially in love with the lly Griffiths bestselling collections, and I cannot get enough of the ‘The Stone Circle.’ The books are simply thrilling and mysterious. The story of an archeologist (Dr. Ruth Galloway) receiving threats to save someone that was buried alive can only get better.

Non- Fiction Books

Another great section to explore is the nonfiction side. There is a lot of knowledge and learning here. My favourite picks in this category include:

  • Education: these books are simply educative. Get all the answers you need to questions education under this section shopping at the Book People. These act as both guides for you and your children as they cut across different fields, topics and areas of specialisation. Such books can help you learn a skill hands-on.
  • Self-development: the best gift you can ever get oneself in this life is that of self-development. There is a need to work on self as this also influences our relations with other people. Self-development books also have tips for us on the topic of social interactions, interpersonal relationships and how to overcome issues such as social anxiety and social awkwardness. I am slowly working on my insecurities thanks to these books. You can always pick a book that handles your issue directly.
  • Health, lifestyle & wellness: leading a happy life depends on oneself. Nothing has helped me get where I am today like reading books on health, lifestyle, and wellness. If you are working on your body and weight, for example, Louise Parker’s ‘the 6 Week Program’ will transform you and change your life.

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Adult colour books

Colour books are by no means books that someone can read, but I believe so much in these. They not only improve my imagination and creativity but also enable me to tell a story through the photos that I colour. Colour books are equally good when dealing with emotions. They have also been resourceful when it comes to teaching my daughters. They easily follow instructions, are correctable and learn a few tips from me.

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