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  • April 12, 2019, 1:03 p.m.
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Suddenly I have nothing pressing to do, and since I had to take lunch very very early this morning, this day seems endless, so… it’s Current Time! (It’s also DAYS later now, and only two “currents” so I should really rename this and probably should also split it up into two real entries… nope.)

Current Anticipation
Which is the reason I took lunch from 9:30–10:30 this morning, instead of my usual 2:00-3:00. This would also fall under Current Financial Panic Attack Inducing Situation When Added To Everything Else We Are Hemorrhaging Money Over. Our dishwasher died. We went to Lowes this morning to buy another one. The dishwasher was very very old. We bought our house ....21 years ago? 22 years ago??? I can’t remember exactly… and it came with an ancient dishwasher. So ancient that it was avocado green, as were the stove and the fridge. That original dishwasher died two or three years after we bought the house, so this newly dead dishwasher has had an extremely long life.

The complication here is that we are hopeless, repair-avoidant procrastinators, and we’ve got a broken pipe under the kitchen sink. I say “broken”, but it’s actually mostly completely gone on the left side. Where the dishwasher empties. So for another really really long time, we’ve only been able to use one side of the sink, and we let the dishwasher drain into a great big tub underneath. Then we dump the tub out into the yard.

Yes, this IS very embarrassing to admit and very annoying to live with. I have complained, bitched, whined and threatened about this for years. YEARS. We’ve had a number of unrelated issues that have involved getting a plumber, and every time I BEG Baker B to let them fix the damned kitchen sink while we have them. EVERY TIME he says, “NO! I’m going to fix it!!!!” Periodically I will declare that I am going to Lowes and getting the stuff to fix it with, and I am going to fix the fucking thing myself!!!! Of course I do not ever follow through. Even though I’m sure I COULD. It’s just attaching some pipes to each other and to the drain. But we are both tremendous haters of DYI, and clearly we were royalty in our previous lives because we share the firm belief that whenever something needs to be done, someone else will magically appear and do it for us. Even though that has never ever happened in THIS lifetime. Dammit.

SO. This is all to say that the dishwasher dying is actually a WONDERFUL thing, since now we HAVE to get the sink fixed!! Yay!!!!!!!!! Instead of having Lowes install the dishwasher we’ll just get it delivered then get a plumber (it certainly isn’t like we are strangers to the plumbers as many water disasters as we’ve had) and they can fix the sink AND hook the dishwasher up. And we aren’t broke, we CAN afford it - I just tend to go straight to Panic Mode whenever large sums of money are involved. The dishwasher itself wasn’t that bad- not the cheapest but not a fancy one either = it’s the plumber plus the dishwasher that equals large sums. I keep reminding myself that being able to wash dishes without dumping a big tub of water out into the yard is going to be paradise! As will being able to use the entire sink again instead of just the left basin.

LOL, as usual I’ve spent so much time on one current that it’s not going to be much of a Currents entry.

Currently Watching
Well, not right this MINUTE, of course, but I’ve got quite a lot going on, viewing-wise. Baker B and I just finished The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and if you haven’t seen The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, OMG GO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW!! It’s fantastic. I’d actually watched it once already by myself, in December, and loved it so much I talked Baker B into watching it, and he loved it as much as I did. It’s about an upper-class New York City housewife in 1958 who discovers her talent for stand up comedy after her marriage falls apart. It is hilarious, very well-written, great acting, and one of those shows you want to just binge on for days. I can’t wait until the third season, which won’t happen for awhile, as the last one aired in December.

I’ve also just finished watching Fleabag and Derry Girls by myself. I tried to get Baker B to watch them both, with no success. He gave Fleabag about ten seconds before vetoing it. Fleabag is a complicated, hilarious, disturbing, odd show about an angry, self-destructive, grief-stricken woman who talks to the camera, and it took me more than one episode to realize how much I love it.Ten seconds is not sufficient. I’ve just finished the second season, and it was even better than the first. Sadly there will be no third season.

I’m not sure why he didn’t give Derry Girls more than a few minutes, but I’m afraid that when I told him it’s Channel 4’s most successful comedy since Father Ted, he was expecting something similar to Father Ted and was disappointed that it’s really nothing like Father Ted, other than being a comedy. And Irish. It’s about five teenagers in Northern Ireland during The Troubles in the early 90s. It’s very funny, and I’m disappointed I can’t easily watch the second season. The first is on Netflix, and the second is currently airing on Channel 4 in the UK. I actually have a VPN that lets me pretend I’m in England, enabling me to watch UK channels, but unfortunately I can’t watch Channel 4 on my iPad because it requires Flash, which iPads don’t have. I guess it’s a measure of my fondness level for the show that I like it enough to be sorry I can’t watch it yet, but not enough to go fetch my old laptop out of Baker B’s study where he’s taken it over, and watch it on that. Which does have Flash. I’m okay with waiting till Netflix gets it. Probably.

The third thing I have been watching, and am REALLY annoyed that I can’t watch the second season of - even if I go fetch the laptop!! - is Killing Eve. OMG I LLLOOOOVVVEE Killing Eve, and I was SO excited the second season started Sunday.... then discovered it’s not on BBC, like I’d assumed. It’s on BBC America, which you can’t subscribe to for a month or two and then drop again like you can Showtime or Starz!! You have to actually have a cable subscription to get BBC America, and we haven’t had one of those in YEARS. How backwards of BBC America!!

Anyhow, Killing Eve is fantastic, scary and hilarious both, and it WOULD be worth commandeering my laptop to watch Season 2. I think Baker B would like it, but I want to wait till we can stream both seasons before talking him into it. We’ve finally, FINALLY got the latest Doctor Who coming, although apparently Netflix DVDs take eons to arrive now. I’ve actually already seen Season 11, thanks to my VPN- Baker B has not seen it because he’s not a fan of hooking the computer or iPad up to the TV to watch things, so every year I watch Doctor Who as it airs and then watch it again with him when Netflix finally gets it 6 or 8 months later. And I’ve forgotten everything by then so it’s like watching it anew. I will say I LOVE Jody Whittaker as the new doctor. On the fence about the companions, but she’s great, and made me miss Peter Capaldi a little less. And Game of Thrones is coming up, but HBO is cooperative and lets you subscribe for a month then drop it, so we’ll wait till it’s done to watch.

Wow. Yes, clearly all I have been doing lately is watching TV and worrying about money.

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Deleted user April 12, 2019

I have been wanting to watch “ Killing Eve” and the new Dr. Who but we don’t have that subscription either :-(
Congrats on the new dishwasher . We had to replace ours and the stove in the same week , about six months ago and they were not even old. :-( ! The ones that went south were expensive level Samsung and I will never buy that brand again. I think they have a built in expiration :-( date .

edna million Deleted user ⋅ April 12, 2019

When I was reading reviews I was shocked to find mine was like 110 in human years- I didn’t realize they had such short lives! I guess I’ve never lived anywhere long enough to kill one before.

Marg April 14, 2019

I keep hearing great things about The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - I'm going to have to check it out!
For some reason I didn't fancy Fleabag or Derry Girls but I also never gave them a chance either - I need something new to watch though so may rectify that. I loved Killing Eve!
And I discovered digital spy forums which have discussions on programmes before/during/after a show - OMG way to waste hours of your life!!

edna million Marg ⋅ April 17, 2019

OOOHHH you must watch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel!! It is really great! I actually thought it was a movie for ages, then realized in December when the second season aired on Amazon that it was a series. And Fleabag isn't an easy show to like right away, especially the first season. The last episode in the first season makes everything fall into place. The second season was equally good, but not nearly as emotionally grueling, at least I didn't think it was.

I'm quite excited right now about Killing Eve because weirdly enough you can watch the two new episodes that have aired on the BBC America app (at least here) without having a subscription. I'm also afraid that will abruptly stop when they think you're hooked enough to pay for cable, so am preparing myself. I don't know why on earth you can't just get a monthly subscription with them like you can with so many other networks.

OoooOOOoo, what are digital spy forums??? Where do you find them?!?! I really miss the message boards I used to go to that focused on TV shows, that have all vanished over the years! I think Reddit has a lot of that but I don't understand Reddit and can't ever find time/energy to delve into it.

Marg edna million ⋅ April 18, 2019

Yes I discovered Reddit had good forums for shows as well - here’s the link to the UK TV shows part of the digital spy forums:
And this is the one for the general page:
The imdb site used to have great message boards for each show/film/programme but they did away with them for some reason :(

edna million Marg ⋅ April 19, 2019

Lol, and of course BBC America has cut me right off in the middle of Killing Eve’s second episode .....

edna million Marg ⋅ April 19, 2019

Lol, and of course BBC America has cut me right off in the middle of Killing Eve’s second episode .....

Marg edna million ⋅ April 20, 2019

Oh no! Is that a sneaky ploy to get you to subscribe?

edna million Marg ⋅ April 28, 2019

I think it DEFINITELY is. And I would totally subscribe long enough to watch it but you have to have cable, which we ditched years ago. I am sure eventually it will be easy to watch things independently of cable, but these weird holdouts just persist.

Marg edna million ⋅ April 29, 2019

What a pain!

noko April 18, 2019

I have this new book about color called The Secret Lives of Color and we were reading it at the beach about that avocado green color. Then we started looking at pictures of appliances and oddly the few cars that were painted with it. I feel honored to know someone who had the appliances in that color. :)

That is going to be so cool once the sink is working properly. I hate washing dishes that have been around for awhile. I wash them right away and they are easy then.

There was a free week of HBO that allowed folks to watch Game of Thrones as a teaser. I had it on my app on my iPad. But sadly I don't watch anything anymore. I have almost exclusively moved to podcasts because I can actually do housework and things while I am listening.

edna million noko ⋅ April 19, 2019

I was at my dad’s house last weekend and suddenly he was getting HBO, and Game of Thrones was on non-stop! There were several channels and it was staggered so I got to see the opening credits, which may be my favorite opening credits ever, about five times. There is a huge benefit to being able to do other things and just listen, though!!

One of my cousins has a 1950’s era house with blue fixtures in one of the bathrooms- I absolutely love it!! I was actually sorry to have to say goodbye to all our avocado green kitchen appliances. I miss colorful appliances!

Justlovely April 24, 2019

For some reason, I thought that you guys had had to replace that dishwasher only a few years ago. Was that in one of the parents' homes? I have heard all the scuttle about The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, but haven't been able to convince the hubs we should watch it. Why do I care? He's snoring on the couch by 9PM anyway. We started to watch Killing Eve, and that didn't stick with us either. We are following the current season of Unforgotten and we are taping Mrs. Wilson, but haven't watched any of it yet. I hadn't seen anything of Derry Girls. Did you say you are just getting the Jodie Whittaker Dr. Who? We watched all those when they came out. Of course, you will love it, and I was never a dedicated Dr. Who fan. (I love, though, that my brother was watching the ORIGINAL, originals of Dr. Who before I was born.)

edna million Justlovely ⋅ April 28, 2019

We replaced the original dishwasher many years ago, but did have to replace the stove more recently. There’s lots of replacing going on around here! I keep hearing about Unforgotten but haven’t seen it yet. And I had to watch Mrs Maisel myself before convincing Mark to watch it! I watched the Jodie Whittaker Doctor Who when it aired last fall via my magical VPN that lets me pretend I am in England, but Mark just does not want to hook the iPad to the tv (it’s awkward and harder to control) so we end up waiting till we can either stream it or get DVDs. On the plus side, it takes so long that I have forgotten what happened by the time I watch it again with him...

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