Mushrooms and Blunts in The grotesque metamorphosis of a Bi-Polar human into a Tri-polar monster.

  • April 8, 2019, 12:05 a.m.
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Yesterday was a good day, which is cool, because I have been having good days in spite of some difficult feelings I’ve been having lately, so I’m glad that I’m able to do that.

I woke up early and smoked a blunt with my buddy Alex, and then we went to the gym, then we went to Long Beach to go run an errand for his work, then we went to Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles…which just perfectly hit the spot at that moment, we both got the gravy and onion smothered chicken and two waffle combo…I honestly don’t even ever eat chicken and waffles anywhere else because I can guarantee it’s all shit after you’ve had Roscoe’s.

Anyway, after we ate that delicious goodness we went to a legal flower shop, because Alex has convinced me to stop going to church and start going to the legal shops (and I could sit and list all of the benefits as to why I made the switch, but I’ve already been discussing the pro’s and con’s of each place with someone today and I really just don’t feel like going over it again, but you know…maybe I’ll put together a little powerPoint or something later), and we picked up some flower and a bunch more doobs, and we walked down to the beach and watched the sunset and smoked another blunt…because yesterday was the day to smoke a lot.

We drove back to Orange County and went to Whole Foods where we picked up some nootropics. I got this stuff called “Alpha Brain” that a bunch of the dudes in my bootcamp were taking and I remember one day they were all talking about how wild it made their dreams, and one of my buddies said it made him lucid dream often…and now that I’m typing this sentence out I think I remember I have already typed about this. Well, I took my first dose of Alpha Brain last night and although I didn’t lucid dream, and I couldn’t totally recall my dream when I woke up, I do remember that I had a dream! So that’s way better than every other night this week since I started this experiment.

After that, we met up with our friends Nicollete and Jonathon, and we went to one of my favorite parks that I’ve been going to ever since I was a young one. It’s huge and beautiful and you can walk around in it for a while and kind of get lost. We just walked around and hung out and smoked bowl and another blunt, we told stories and laughed. It was just cool shit and good times. We hung out in the park until about midnight and then went to go get something to eat at BJ’s and then called it a night.

The night before, I went to Lex’s house.
The whole place was empty except for a mattress on the floor.
She’s trying to sell her house and she’s having people come look at it, but she doesn’t have anywhere else to go, so she’s just sleeping in this empty fucking house while she’s showing it.

We ate mushrooms and watched Sabrina on her tablet.
It was a really good time. We laughed at the whole thing, because that shit was just absurd. Honestly, I don’t even think it was the mushrooms, I think the mushrooms were just making us see how ridiculous it all was. I haven’t laughed that much in a long time. It was truly amazing. Such a good night.

I honestly have always had a crush on Lex, since the first time I ever met her when Brittany brought her over, and I was majorly depressed and we just sat in the mushroom park across from my house, and I just laid there on my back with my hood up in my PJ’s staring at the stars, not saying anything and thinking “This is a terrible impression to be making on such a beautiful woman.” But then it turned out that Lex is weird like me…so we’ve actually been really good friends over the years.

But, I still do have a little crush on her, so it was a good night for sure.

She’s so fucking weird though, haha.

I love it.

She gave me a giant stack of Batman comics and some action figures because they needed to go, I guess.

Speaking of Brittany…she sent me these three HUGE long texts yesterday.
Maybe I will type the whole thing out tomorrow and get your opinion on it? I don’t know.
I was getting ready to hit the gym with Alex, so I looked at them and didn’t respond because I didn’t know exactly what to say…what I have to say to her isn’t going to be super nice. I’m not going to attack her or be mean about it, but it’s going to be…how I really feel, and I feel like she has been a shitty friend to me.

After a few hours of hanging out with Alex, I get another text from Brittany, basically telling me she was being over-dramatic and that she didn’t mean any of what she said so I should just disregard all of her texts.

…I just really don’t even know

I really don’t.

Okay, that’s enough.
I’m just trying to…write down the good times, so that I can remember them, because my memory is so bad and I want to always have proof of them.
I am so lucky to have the people in my life that I have.
I’m lucky to have you, too.
Even though you’re forever away.
It still feels like you’re with me, you know what I mean?
I love you tons.
I’ll talk to you later.

Tweetie April 08, 2019

Sunday in the park sounds like a fragment of an old song I can't remember now. Better than church, in any case. :)

Superposition Tweetie ⋅ April 09, 2019

Well, what we call "church" down here are illegal flower shops, so church is not a bad place to be, haha. But I know what you meant. It was a good day.

Tweetie Superposition ⋅ April 09, 2019

That shows how much of a dork I am! :D

Superposition Tweetie ⋅ April 10, 2019

There's no way you would have known that.
It's pretty much a south Orange County thing.

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