The Blue Place in The grotesque metamorphosis of a Bi-Polar human into a Tri-polar monster.

  • April 3, 2019, 8:34 p.m.
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I’m trying to keep a dream journal as part of the lucid dreaming project, but so far I haven’t remembered my dreams either night since I’ve started. So…I dunno, maybe I should cut back on the flower?

…I don’t know if that’s going to happen.

So last night, I had been doing reality checks for the day (which is not long enough to form a habit), but I had some other techniques that I was going to try to kind of…brute force it.

So, I keep reading that one of the best and fastest ways to have a lucid dream is to just straight up tell yourself that you’re going to. Kind of like, “Okay brain, I need your cooperation, we are going to get lucid tonight.”

So I did that…I was very confident it was going to happen.

The next technique I used is really difficult, and everyone says it’s really difficult, but I’ve attempted it a few times in the past and I’ve had some promising results.

So, you just lay perfectly still until you trick your body into thinking you’re asleep.
You count “1…I’m lucid…2…I’m lucid…3…I’m lucid…” just to kind of keep your mind active and aware that you are still kind of in the drivers seat.

What’s really hard about it is that your body will start to do all of these checks to see if you’re asleep. You’ll get this tremendous urge to roll over…followed by itches everywhere, and then the cramps start to set in…but if you can get past all of that, you’ll start to see these blue-green waves flowing into the darkness, and they will start to take basic abstract shapes, and then the shapes will start forming more complex things like people, or monsters, or towns…but it’s all this blue-green color, and it’s still moving like water or smoke and hard to really make out what’s going on…this is usually as far as I get, but last night I was able to hang on through the blue zone until my body began to vibrate super hard until I couldn’t feel my body at all anymore, and this tunnel appeared and I started to feel myself leaving my body…

…and then I would either get scared or excited and jolt my body just enough to get back to the blue place, almost like my body sensed my reaction and was like, “Wait a minute…are you faking?”, because then it would take another count to 50-100 before I would get back to the vibration and the sensation of leaving the body.

I did this three times before I decided I needed to give up and actually just go to sleep for the night.

I had counted to 100 about six times in all.
I was in the blue place for an hour and a half though…
I dunno.
Time isn’t real, so it would make sense that my counting wouldn’t matter if I’m between dimensions.

So…anyway, I’ve been doing my reality checks all day. I’m going to get this down.

I started doing reality checks when I was 13, but I’ve never been able to keep on it consistently enough to make it a habit that would appear in my dreams.

This time is going to be different though.
I have some very important things I have to do, and I’m positive they can only be done in the astral plane.

Maybe tonight, if I can get it, I’ll come see you.
I’ll just keep promising you that every night.
And then one night, I’ll be there.
I promise.
I love you.

Rope Bunny April 03, 2019

B6 will help with dream recall from the very first night you take it.

Superposition Rope Bunny ⋅ April 04, 2019

B6? Like vitamin B6? Is that a real thing or did I just make up a vitamin?

I've heard Alpha Brain gives you some crazy intense dreams, almost to the point of lucidity, and right now I'm totally kicking myself because I'm just now remembering about that and I could have been taking it all along!

But tell me more about this B6.

Rope Bunny Superposition ⋅ April 04, 2019

Yeah vitamin B6 100 mg a day helps me recall my dreams and I am not even trying to lucid dream but X is very good at it and he takes it so I am just in the habit of taking it now. I don't ever remember my dreams unless I take it, and when I do I can very clearly remember much of my dreams when I first wake up. Which will help with knowing what to use in reality checks. Reality checks are what really helped him get good at it. I bought him a book on it this Christmas he seems to like as well. But yeah just the vitamen it really helps and I like that it helps right away and isn't expensive like a lot of the other shit you can take.

Superposition Rope Bunny ⋅ April 04, 2019

Can you just get it at the grocery store or is it more of a GNC thing?

Rope Bunny Superposition ⋅ April 04, 2019

Yeah you can pick it up anywhere, local pharmacy or grocery store it's on the shelf next to everything.
I don't know what else you take but depending on how much work you want to find/order shit or make things there are a lot of teas and or herbals that help with lucid dreaming but you have to be a little more careful depending on yourself and what else you are taking, but I think using some B6 for memory will really help. I hope it works for you!

Superposition Rope Bunny ⋅ April 04, 2019

Thanks for the tips! I'm on some anti-psychotics that don't mix well with MAOI inhibitors, but that's about it.

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