Aliens and Art and Divination in The grotesque metamorphosis of a Bi-Polar human into a Tri-polar monster.

  • March 27, 2019, 3:57 p.m.
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I’m compelled to sit down and write right now. I’ve also been feeling the call to start painting again…last night I almost picked up a pen and started doodling…I came really close.

On this road trip, I connected with the earth on a level that I have never gotten to. It’s kind of like…I always knew the earth was beautiful, aesthetically speaking, but on this trip I REALLY got to know her, and I got to know that her soul is also beautiful…and now she speaks to me.

It was very inspiring. I began to see the nature around me in a very different way, everything became so much more vibrant and alive, as if I can see their faces now…and the colors…just so vibrant.

So, I’d like to sit down and capture some of that.
I guess that’s why I’m writing right now…to capture some of it.

I couldn’t write about it for a few days after the trip, I really had to process it all…some of the deeper and more mystic elements of it, I don’t even know if I’m supposed to share with anybody. It might just be between me and God.

After we walked around in a vortex for about three hours in Sedona, I needed a place to rest because all of the toxic bullshit energy that I have been carrying around for so much of my life had been pushed out of me and replaced in the vortex and it was super draining, so I asked for somewhere to go where I could find rest and comfort. I just sat in the car for a while and tried to stop vibrating, and we finally decided on “Sedona’s best Mexican food” (because Mexican food is like, 90% of my diet because it’s the best food that has ever been made by humans) so we walk up to the restaurant and we’re both immediately like, “This aint it” so we start to turn around when I see this fucking alien just staring straight at me. Like, a real alien.

So, I’m like “we’re going in here” and I just march straight into this gallery where there is this painting of a super realistic alien with the best depiction of alien eyes I have ever seen (not those black bullshit bug eye things you always see…one day I will buy a print of this and you can see for yourself).

Anyway, this woman owns this gallery and she’s just amazing. She has medicine music playing and all of these paintings and drawings of literally all of my favorite things in the world…and then she suddenly just starts talking about…the…whatever the fuck it is that’s coming that the inter-dimensional beings have been telling me about for years. She gets visited by beings too, but she calls them “aliens” and they tell her all of the same shit they tell me. It was fucking amazing to be hearing this shit come out of a complete strangers mouth…so I just sat there and I listened. I didn’t say a god damn word, except for a few pleasantries and polite laughter…I mostly just sat on the couch and recharged, or looked at art for a little bit…she sat on the couch and talked to us, exuding mother energy towards me…exactly what I needed.

Golnar asks for a tarot reading, and this woman gives her a tarot reading, and it’s extremely accurate about the past and the present…and the future is very powerful.

We stay and talk on the couch for a bit longer, and then this woman calls in a lunch order and asks us if we can watch the shop while she goes and picks it up. We do…she comes back, and we talk a little more before parting ways.

Right as we are leaving, we all realize that we haven’t even introduced ourselves. We tell her our names and she tells us her name is Rachel…but I already knew her name was Rachel. It would have been weird if it wasn’t so weird.

…anyway, the point of explaining that whole experience was just to reinforce how much I need to get back into art. I honestly need to start looking at art the same way I look at going to the gym; as a necessity for my well-being.

…also, I need to go to the gym…like, today. I did a lot of walking around and hiking on this trip, but I didn’t go to the gym once, and it was like a week long trip, and I’ve been back for like five days and I haven’t gone to the gym.

Gross, dude.
You need to be a weapon, remember?
Shit is going to go down soon, remember?

I might be writing to you a lot more while I process everything that happened.
It changed me.
It changed everything.
Except for how much I love you.
Well, maybe it changed that too.
Maybe I love you more now than I ever have.
Hm, I didn’t think that was possible.
I guess I learned on this journey that anything is possible.


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