So sad in All other relationships

  • March 23, 2019, 8:10 p.m.
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I posted an ad on cl looking for another woman who lives near where I work so we could go walking on my morning break. I didn’t get a single response from any women but in typical fashion, the responses I got from men were so numerous my ad eventually got flagged for removal. I was talking to this one guy who really was a front runner for my work out partner and I was planning on walking with him. He was funny and seemed as sane as anyone I’m ever going to meet from cl. In typical cl fashion it started merging a whole bunch of emails and I got confused and ended up exchanging numbers with someone who I barely knew. I didn’t find out till after the fact though.
So I started talking to him (his name is Jimmy). When we were talking on cl, I told him it was fine that he isn’t a woman so long as he understands it has to be strictly platonic. He was fine with that. He has been so extremely nice. We met in person and walked around the park. It became increasingly obvious that he is definitely very interested in me. Not that I wanted that but if I’m being honest, I was very flattered. He is a very good looking man and I was surprised at how nice he was. I have been in shock that he is so very interested in me and he wasn’t pushing for sex at all. It just seems like such a strange feeling to me. I am definitely not used to feeling like that. I have been overcome by how sad it is to me how strange a feeling this is for me.
I just feel like it is such a statement about our society today. When having a man be interested in me in a romantic nature without it being all about sex feels so foreign, its just sad.
It is so strange to the point that I am now convinced that he is married and lying about it which would bring me back to thinking he is trying to get laid.
Smh. :(

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