My Astrological Prison in Poetry

  • March 17, 2019, 2:18 a.m.
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I have come
To live again
Through time
My soul will
Download previous lives
Confusing who I am
In hell
As the dead live again

The water bearer
And truth seeker
The new age
The twins hold the east horizon
The Virgin Sun
Gives birth
To balance the Justice of the Moon
As Hermes comes alive
To guide the new design

The Perfection of Mercury
Retrogrades itself
As Venus moves backward
With the Lion’s eyes
It claws at Mars
As the two become one
In the eyes of the sky

Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune
The Centaur and bow and arrow
Attack Saturn
To release Sex and Death
From the hexagonal prison
As the generation of Pluto watches
Trying to balance the madness
And sadness
For if it cannot
The solar system will shake
And no one will awake

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