Back again in Piscis moon

  • Feb. 23, 2019, 11:33 a.m.
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Stopped prozac and came back on it this week, maybe i don’t need it, maybe i’m not crazy.... maybe it’s just me attention seeking, i’ve thought all these things in the last weeks or so… after i quit my afternoon job with gustavo and leo, i’ve had more free time then usual and even then i find a way to be tierd and sleep 13+ hours (it’s that or i have insomnia all night and can only sleep 4hrs), yesterday i had terrible nausea, stomach ache and head aches all in one day. So was basically pilled all day long.
Leaving all that out, being alone has been easier, i miss eduardo, the chills and shalma less, i found a new company in nayeli; she means well but i don’t think i can fully trust her, we talk about behavior changes, masks, and gossip and it’s fun. When the I.t start, i think i only think it’s funny because i’m forgetting how good it was with other people. I’m at tim hortons today, alone and it was ok, last night i could’ve gone out and i didn’t, being alone is also good forme i just hope i can balance it out correctly.
Tests are coming and time is running out and i feel the anxiety on the tips on my fingers… i try not to think about it and sleep but i

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