Paging Dr. Whitford in 2019

  • Jan. 10, 2019, midnight
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So, what do you think it means when you dream that your doctor is Bradley Whitford, and he is preparing you to lie in a coffin for 10 minutes so they can “measure you properly”? I’m usually pretty good with my dream interpretations, but this one has me perplexed. It wasn’t a “death dream”, and I wasn’t afraid in it. Well I was, but just over being confined in such a close place for 10 minutes, not that I was dying or dead. What was I being measured “properly” for? Is it some sort of symbolism for preparing for the death of some part of myself? I’m pretty sure the inside of the coffin was purple, if that means anything. Right after that, I dreamt I had a brand new yellow motorcycle- my cousin and I had to tighten the back wheel, but then I was good to go. I rode it all over town, and then parked it near the registers inside a Mcdonald’s and watched some old guy try to steal it. THAT dream I get- motorcycle= freedom. Old guy stealing it= my fear of getting old and losing that freedom. Rainn Wilson made an appearance in some other snippet I barely recall, but that was just brain gibberish I think. I’ve been pondering the coffin dream all day and night- very curious.....

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