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  • Dec. 29, 2018, 8:18 p.m.
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1.) So this nightmare was about being trapped in nesting levels of a virtual reality experience, in a mall that didn’t exist in real space, trying to escape without getting caught up in an espionage video game or an advertisement watching farm.

2.) A story about the hipster unicorn that learned how to hold his breath for fifteen minutes and became a famous swimmer called ANDY NARWAL.

3.) Remember: all mistakes can be later claimed to be alternate realities and serve as a later plot hook. This is the Marvel “No-Prize” method of literary world building.

4.) Sometimes the songs for Ollie are more obscure, like the old classic rock one-hit “The Night Chicago Died”. “OLLIE WAS A DOG… FROM THE DOG SIDE OF CHICAGO…”

5.) Youtube pornbots sending me friend requests that have pictures of incredibly white American women but have the name of a dude from India are proof that A.I. is still a long way off.

6.) If only all my facebook pictures included how great my hair looks just outta the shower, I’d probably get like a half-point bump on the ten point scale of attractiveness.

7.) He was born with a supernatural null field, anything fantastic, magic, alien, even the divine, when it got within forty yards of him it all reverted to a mundane explanation… and when he receded, it became magical again. It was a real bummer.

8.) You just keep putting cute women with crazy eyes into my People You May Know, just so that I’ll click on them, find out they’re married or in a relationship and then be sad, facebook. I’m onto you, facebook, you just wanna make me sad.

Squidobarnez December 29, 2018


Narrator December 30, 2018

Is my watch wrong? Are you posting a few days ahead?

littlefallsmets Narrator ⋅ December 30, 2018

I have been building up a backlog in case the New Years holiday leaves me wanting, because I am deeply obsessive compulsive about my journal.

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