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  • Dec. 13, 2018, 9:36 p.m.
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Hey everyone,

I’m super excited to announce the launch of another new feature: New entry backup.

In my last update I called this feature “Auto-saving drafts” but as I worked on the design, it ended up making a lot more sense to simplify things. Drafts work like they always have, this is a brand new thing.

How it works
When you’re writing a new entry, if you stop typing the entry will automatically be backed up and you’ll see a message:

If you hit “Publish”, the backup will go away and the entry will be published like usual.

If you leave your entry in the middle of writing it, no problem. When you come back to the New Entry screen it’ll be there waiting for you with a message:
If you click “Start over” the backup will go away and you’ll get a blank entry. Otherwise, keep writing and your entry will be saved like usual.

And that’s it! Simple!

How is this different than how it’s been working?
Before this update, the New Entry page would sometimes save your work, but that was specific to the browser and computer you’re using when you write.

With this new feature, your entry is being backed up to the database. That means you can now start an entry on one computer (or phone) and then pick up where you left off on a totally different device. I’m really excited about this!!

Does this work on edits?
Nope, this functionality is only enabled on new entries for now. The complexity of making backups work on things that are already saved (this includes drafts) is a bit mind-blowing, so I’m keeping it simple for now.

Future improvements
You’ll notice that the text is subtle… almost a little too subtle. Unfortunately, with how things are currently built I can either put the update message 100% above or 100% below the new entry form without totally rewriting things. That means the message is a bit hidden for mobile users, but the save functionality is still working, I promise. In the new year I’m going to start digging into more mobile-friendly improvements.

As ever, if you see any issues reply here or email me. Mochi is standing by to assist.



Last updated December 13, 2018

girl in recession December 13, 2018


J.E. December 13, 2018

Awesome possum!

thesunnyabyss December 13, 2018

thanks again!

Mr. Mofo December 13, 2018

...oO(I wonder if Mochi likes eating at In -N-Out?)

josh Mr. Mofo ⋅ December 13, 2018

Huge fan, but he prefers the fries at Shake Shack

Witchy Woman December 13, 2018

🎉 thank you

Adira December 13, 2018

You, sir, are awesome :)

GypsyWynd December 13, 2018

Thank you!!! And smooches to Mochi.

Silver Satan December 13, 2018

Very awesome

Asenath Waite December 14, 2018

Can't beat an attentive admin with an adorable doggy. If only all websites were so graced; the world would be a better place.

colojojo December 14, 2018

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!

Deleted user December 14, 2018

Thanks! Merry Christmas to you and Moochi!

Geralt of Rivia December 14, 2018

Nice this will come in very handy.

Jeanine December 14, 2018


hot-lips December 14, 2018

Ohh that's so good that you can start and entry on one platform and finish on another. Great job. :)

EvequeFou hot-lips ⋅ December 14, 2018

Yeah, since the previous backup typically worked for me, that's the most compelling aspect of this change for me.

Firebabe December 14, 2018

Haha! PROSEBOX HAS GONE OMNI-CHANNEL. I am totally digging this. You and Mochi are rocking it my friend. :)

Lucretia December 14, 2018

Love that I can save on one machine and pick up writing on another, that's ace! Thank you :)
And thank you too, Mochi.

Always Laughing December 14, 2018

Love it

Kristi1971 December 14, 2018

This is GREAT!! I have had issues where I'll be typing along, hit some button (but I can not figure out which one), and I lose all that I've written. It's so odd. Then I have to start again. So I hope this alleviates the need to start again! :) Thank you!

josh Kristi1971 ⋅ December 14, 2018

Me too! Let me know if it doesn't :)

ODSago December 14, 2018

You're so talented and your enthusiasm is wonderful. Thank you. For this and more.

Naiad December 15, 2018

I'm just here for more Mochi.

josh Naiad ⋅ December 15, 2018


Sabrina-Belle December 15, 2018

This is really great, thank you.

sparkli December 15, 2018

ok this is cool! awesome!

Exhumed By Scrying Eyes December 16, 2018

Excellent feature! I'm very thankful to you, Mochi and the rest of the team!

Silverstar46 December 16, 2018

Soo cool! Thanks!

Park Row Fallout December 17, 2018

What an excellent idea and implementation! Very well done. Curious if this new feature was developed as you seeing a problem and moving to fix it; users experiencing an issue and asking you to fix it; or how the idea to do this came about?

Exhumed By Scrying Eyes December 18, 2018

I just posted for the first time since this update. Seeing that message that my entry was just saved is such a relief... I feel like I just acquired the pill from Miracle Max's to bring back any future entry from potential death!

Bonus points if you get the reference. :)

Thank you!

silver linings December 20, 2018

Yesssss! I love this!

Deleted user February 08, 2019

I'd like to recommend multiple levels of access for the friends only feature.

I'm sure that I can't be the only who trusts people to varying degrees. Even if it were just 3 or 4, that would be better than one.

And if you're not planning on eating that last half a slice of pizza.... Cool!


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