New Year in Trying to Hold On

  • Jan. 1, 2019, 7:05 a.m.
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So, what were last years “Goals,” or “Resolutions,” or “Dragons”, or “Hopes?”

(1) I want to get under 200 lbs
(2) We need to work on our marriage
(3) We both need to work on “being adults”… whether it means doing our work better, getting better work… whatever that means.

Kind of set myself up to fail there, which is why it is funny that the year is ending in a better place than any year prior.

(1) Instead of getting under 200 lbs, I gained some weight. I am now 232 pounds.
(2) This was too vague to be of any realistic help. “Work on the marriage” is all well and good but technically, just going to counseling solves this. I need to be more specific if I am going to do more or be better this year.
(3) Again, too vague to be of any realistic help. However, owning a house is certainly a big step towards feeling like an Adult.

And that is a recap on how my Resolutions worked out for 2018!

Resolutions for 2019?

Well, I suppose I’ll have to repeat myself but do a much better job of being articulate and specific.

(1) I want to get under 200 lbs. I want to get under 170 lbs. This means I must lose an average of no less than 5 pounds per month in 2019

(2) We have the marriage counselor. We have a good job. Wife no longer works at Wal Mart. There are no excuses this time. Either Wife and I get to a point in our marriage where Physical Intimacy exists and is not “the exception” or we begin the process of divorce.

(3) Instead of a vague appeal to maturity; I’ll list specifics. Basement finished by end of year; fence up by end of year. It isn’t even asking that much but it is the important stuff.

(4) KEEP MY JOB and get better at it.

Always Laughing January 01, 2019

Good luck

SweetMelissa January 02, 2019

those are the meat and potatoes of life. Here's to making even more progress in 2019

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