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  • Nov. 7, 2018, 12:16 a.m.
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Me again.

So I was woken up by an angry text from a potetional buyer. It looked like the real estate person cancelled the sale. I thought it was the cash buyer and that is the one we are going with, and understandably i was livid.

Later on I find out that it was the one trying to buy via financing. And Now he is trying to make a deal around the real estate person and its a lease to own (basically down payment plus monthly payments) Thought about it for a small second but we cannot do that, and now this guy is hounding me even though I told him we cannot crunch the math around it (Which is partially true)

Oi vey this house is more drama filled than Downton Abbey.

But it really sounds like its gonna be over soon because I am exhausted.

Edit: That ended very diplomatically, i thought the dude was gonna be ticked off, but he wasn’t.

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Some people will try anything. Hugs.

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