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Current Annoyance: My keyboard! The w key and the 7 key both no longer work so i have a keyboard attached to my laptop. Oi vey. Current Bane of My Existence: I’m gonna have to to say my brother. ...

Hello folk. I turned 42 today. It was actually low key. I went to cranberry with my mom, we ate lunch (I had ribs, I was gonna have some for dinner but by the time I was hungry I didnt want to ea...

April 16, 2021

Dreamy Bullets.

Hi folk. Me again. I just wanted to babble for a bit. Last week I had 2 really strange dreams. One I was on a date with a girl eating wings. Then the next thing I know we are in Paris france. Sh...

April 02, 2021

Currents as of April 2021

I’m gonna try to start doing this every month, I’ve seen a couple of peoples I know do this. Current Annoyance: My brother! He is 5 (or 6) years older than me and still doesn’t know how to say t...

Hi folk. Things are meh, but whatever. I’m living. I got my first jab of vaccine a couple weeks ago, i get my next one next week. I am both looking forward and dreading it because a: good science...

welp. I decided to be stupid and friended an ex from like 2007 or something on facebook. I was a stupid young idiot back then, NGL. But anyways she messaged me today, and I apologized for being a...

March 05, 2021

Covid anxiety is down.

I think for some reason I just had a small panic attack on tuesday night for whatever reason. I’m better, i know things will be ok. Now Normal everyday anxiety is still off the charts, but its no...

March 03, 2021

Massive forking anxiety.

Great news. I get my covid shot on monday instead of Thursday next week. Anxiety time: I am so paranoid and hypochonriacing about getting COVID now more than anything, an errant cough from someon...

February 18, 2021

Hot diggigity Daffodils

I got covid vaccine appointments for both me and my mom on the same day! March 11th, ones 30 minutes away at 10am (In grove city where my board game night is ironically) and mines is in Butler at...

February 09, 2021

Some Board game fun:

I recently finished up writing up a top 120 list of some of my favorite board games. I’m now gonna post it here, and I will post a link with reasoning: Enjoy: Rank Item 1 Terraforming Mars ...

I got a notification that my sellers account was suspended. The only thing I can think of was I had an outstanding debt from a year ago. with all that was going on, I must of missed the bill, I g...

January 08, 2021


Just some small humor, Its needed around here. That is all.

January 06, 2021


Maga Maggots can go fuck them selves. My brother who basically compared this to “BLM/Seattle” Can go really fuck himself. I have a dear friend who lives in Costa Rica who can house me. I should t...

December 30, 2020

Stuff and things.

I dropped a knife on the floor by accident today and cut a gash in my big toe, and while it bled, (ive used like 7 bandages) It didnt hurt, it just bled. Stung a smidge as I walked around walmart...

Hi folk. Things are decent, sans I have this weird water problem in the bathroom. Something is leaking, and water is spreading slowly, but i cant find it and its not damaging the basement ceiling...

Since the whole news with Elliot page (who is a good actor, except...... NGL i didnt like the Last of us) came out, I figured I’d say this again. I am a safe individual to come out to as LGBTQIA....

So, Here I am. NGL i’m struggling recently. Since all the stupid covidiots and science deniers believe in nothing but freedumb, (PA is like averaging 7k a day now and the areas i’m interested in ...

November 18, 2020

I am sick of Covid deniers.

This is a quick entry. I am just annoyed at all the covid deniers I see on Facebook on twitter, and heck even on here (I just have to laugh at the absurdity of some these conspiracy theories thou...

November 07, 2020

The big dumb wet ex president.

Has been fired. Thank goodness. Now for a few quick baseless predictions. First off, if Biden has a fair to uneventful presidency with a small recovery and recovery from covid, but more important...

November 04, 2020

Carp ton of things.

I am gonna bounce around on a few things. First and most important, the election. Its been Bidens wild ride, but I think hes gonna pull it off thankfully. This country couldn’t take 4 more years ...

I am a safe space for people coming out. You won’t get judged* for being an LGBTQIA person. I am an ally, I am a friend. I’ve always said if someone local needs a vent to someone to come out we c...

October 04, 2020

Stuff and things.

So in this wonderful country (and right now thats a lie, this country isn’t wonderful) The big dumb wet president (from here on out known as Bdwp has transmitted covid-19. Call me heartless but I...

September 10, 2020


Hello again interbutts. Things are ok. I guess. On a scale of 1-10 i’m at a 5. which is… good in comparison i’m usually a 3 or 4. I just finished another mass effect run (in what seems to be reco...

August 04, 2020


My car got a flat tire tonight. I have to get new ones. I’m having a massive anxiety attack. I’m not gonna sleep, i’m just.. gonna stare into the void. I was lucky my friends were able to pick me...

July 30, 2020

Took the test.

I derped on 2 questions for sure and missed probably 5or so by passing. I am annoyed at the 2 questions I derped on. one was about the car sponsor of the NBA (I said Hyundai, its Kia) and the on...

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I’m just a dude from Western Pennsylvania who has finally succumbed to this Prosebox madness

Here are things I like:

Sports in this order:
American football (Die hard Packers fan)
Association football AKA soccer (City til I die)
Hockey (Pittsburgh penguins)

Board games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love most board games (Unless they say “RoboRally or “Galaxy Trucker” on the box or if the description says “Abstract strategy”

Old school video games (Anything below PS2 and defiantly not including modern stuff)

Cats! (i love kitties!!!!)

Knowledge. I’m a nerd, i’m king of the nerds actually.

My life consists of these four things honestly.

My entries in this will usually range on Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays
Tuesdays I go and game and the weekends I just don’t feel like doing a writing job.

I’m a wanderer.

So um. Q’APALA!!!!!!!!