oh good questions! Let me get a cuppa coffee :)
1. Empathy. Everyone has a little compassion, a little sympathy, but not a lot of people can put themselves in another shoes and feel what they are feeling. I mean, truly feel what they are feeling.
2. I actually don't follow any of those people except maybe catching a short of Colbert doing a political piece, so I guess I would have to go with him, and just talk about anything and everything. I believe he would have some rather good insight into odds and ends.
3. It would be handy for me because during the day I can't seem to find the time (or won't make the time) to eat. But I also love food. I love cooking it, and eating it. So if I could have it both ways, a pill for lunch, then be able to cook and eat a wonderful meal, that would be great.
4. I wear scrubs every day. Well, except on a rare day off. I would like them to be hot pink or purple, though.
5. I have this exact scenario in my head with John Taylor from Duran Duran. I would write it all out, but it is extremely detailed and long winded.