Come At Me, Bro in Book Five: Working Through the Maze 2018

  • Oct. 20, 2018, 7:15 a.m.
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So.... I’m back in DM. Catching up on DVR with my Wife.
Governor is up for election. RE: Iowa’s governor has PRIVATIZED health care. SO she needs to fucking go because I, for one, don’t think quadriplegics should be evicted due to disability… but our government disagrees. District 4 is up for election. RE: Steve (fucking) King who celebrates the Civil War by saying even though Iowa was for the North, the South was right… who repeatedly publicly supports Neo Nazis and White Nationalists… who OFTEN says things like “Western Civilization is eroding due to current trends” but whose history says that statement means (Literally, to him) “Whites are being threatened by Darkies’ existence.”

So Wife and I are watching CBS. NCIS, to be exact. When a political ad comes on. Yawn, boring, reach to mute. Because these political ads are fucking everywhere. One ad says “David Young wants to fuck Social Security” (I researched it, they’re right). THE VERY NEXT AD says “David Young calls his opponent a liar and an ugly, bitter woman” because (apparently) THAT’S THE GOP PLAYBOOK?! BUT, tragic though it may be, those are “regular” political ads.

THEN absolute fucking insanity.

The ad was essentially a “Nancy Pelosi Post-Apocalyptic, Welcome to Mad Max” level ad. It was saying that voting Democrat for any office in any way in any election was inviting the complete and total destruction of the American Way and inviting Communist Russia to conquer and invade. (From Future45)

I wish I were using hyperbole or exaggerating but that was honestly the ad!

GOP and Tumpists can say, “The Democrats are just as bad!” But honestly, seriously, truthfully… I cannot remember ANY advertisement during an election year… that so blatantly, offensively, and inventively said, “Obey your President, support his party, or life will end!”

I was sickened, I was horrified, I was… perplexed.

You don’t need to be a US Citizen to understand this… and I know that some of my very special Trumpist and GOP-cited-but-betrayed readers will go off the deep end… but this is bullshit.

Trump is a petulant, unhinged, unqualified, terrible excuse for a human being. The GOP (of which I was once a passionate member) can go in one of two directions. They can be the party of State’s Rights and Fiscal Conservancy, as they were founded to be. OR they can be the Prison-Bitch Yes-Men of Trump’s insane agenda. Frankly, over and over and over again, we’ve seen them opt for option 2. So… a “vote for Democrats” doesn’t end the fucking world (despite 45 Super PAC) but instead a “vote for Democrats” acts as a way to (at least hopefully) tell the GOP that they should pull their pants up and stop taking Trump’s dick!

Mr. Mofo October 20, 2018

Hey hey HEY.....You say post apocalyptic, welcome to mad max like that's a bad thing?!?....with Buzz Buzz Buzz by The Hollywood Flames playing in the background, I grab my Righteous Nancy Pelosi multi shot laser rifle and my Sacred Chuck Schumer battle axe and run toward a swarm of feral ghouls!

woman in the moon October 20, 2018

Election day is too close to Halloween.

I see too many Republican signs. We have good Dem candidates, I hope some/all/any are elected.

AppleGirl October 21, 2018

Yes to all of this.

Foofah October 21, 2018 (edited October 21, 2018)


I saw this on Twitter the other day...

"With 20 days until Election Day, Polk County has received 11,879 completed ballots.

7,825 from Democrats
2,208 from Republicans
45 from Libertarians
1,795 from no-party affiliation voters
6 from Other (Iowa Green)"

Jaime Fitzgerald- @polkauditorfitz

Park Row Fallout Foofah ⋅ October 21, 2018

That's good news, but something tells me a lot of the octogenarian die-hard Republican base are the more traditional "vote on election day" sorts.

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