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  • Oct. 11, 2018, 10 a.m.
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The bills board is cleaned off and the list is made. The coffee machine was left unchecked whenever coffee was made last so I’m in process of deep cleaning before making any. I’ve decided the burgers will freeze. Probably pull them back out to defrost Tuesday to Fix Wednesday night. The onion and tomato should be fine in the drawer...... I’ve pulled some fish instead for myself for work. I’ll make some rice and lemon pepper the crap out of it :). *adds lemon juice to the grocery list.... I’ve also removed rolls from the list. I’ll be fine over the weekend I’ll make some Monday. Instead I am going to make more snicker doodles for sure. Groceries are still on. Laundry is all caught up (granted after the shower there will be another load I may or may not get to).

So far so good. After 9:00 Justin’s I’m headed out to Publix to pick up Red Barron pizzas and a few Marie Calander Pot pies for the deep freeze.

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